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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day in the Life

Bob woke yesterday with a shed-load of back pain. One of the discs in his spine is fucked up – crushed or something. It’s been that way for a long time – forever maybe. The docs say that surgery might help but they say no guarantees. TAB's not keen on going though all the pain and trauma of knife time for maybe/could be/we dunno results.

Understood. We all gotta weigh out the plusses, minuses, kumquats, azaleas and possible possibilities for ourselves. Our bodies/our choices.

My cousin Gary now has a grand total of nine (!!!!!) blown discs. Not sure how he's surviving the pain. Maybe a constant morphine drip and the wonderful, angelic care of his awesome wife Dawn? Well, he's got one of those anyway. Dunno what his plans are vis a vis samurai scalpel action. His docs gave the same shrug-ish projection on possible outcomes.
For TAB? On his extra special bad days, I channel my Italian mother whose prescription for all of life's ills was FOOD and keep it comin'! I made his fave for lunch – PB&J. That’s something even kitchen challenged me can’t fuck up. For snack, he was served one of his beloved Saint Fratelli's half moons on bone china. For dinner, I picked up Froggy's chicken parm. Dessert was a lemon chiffon ice cream sammich. I made sure the heating pad was on his back and Coco was on his lap keeping him warm and comfy while he rested in his big chair, reading the papers and watching the tube.

Pampered? Oh you betcha. He’s done the exact same for me  when I've been down for the count. He makes me spinach/oatmeal cookies and carrot cake and spicy veggie curries though. YUM!

Then, late in the afternoon, Jen sent me an email from work – she had to bébésit her adorbs nephew Patrick and wouldn't be home beforehand. And today is Oni's b-day. They've plans to hit Nantasket right after work for a sunset beach walk followed by a romantic dinner at a nearby cozy bistro. Those crazy, lovesick kids!

Here’s the thing is, and this is why she wrote to give me the 411, this means that she and I won't see each other for TWO WHOLE FUCKING DAYS! Sheesh – can this be survived? Yes, yez but not with a high degree of sanguinity...for either of us. You see, we have our daily, post-work wind down, vino and chat. OK, sometimes we just sit at the kitchen table, stare into space and debate which one of us had the brain that day and did we remember to launder it – no starch this time. The point is, this is a daily deal.

I feel funny about the fact that I miss her, seeing as:
  1. We live together (side by side houses anyway) for Bast’s sake!
  2. It’s not as though I’m lonely. Yes, I work from home now instead of in a big office. TAB’s here with me as well as Rocco and Coco.
  3. For that matter, I used to really enjoy my solitary time. I bet I might still enjoy a spot of that here and there too!
  4. It's JUST a coupla weenie little days!
So then, Jen's cruelly abandoned me and our sacrosanct w(h)ine-fest for TWO WHOLE DAYS, *sob*

Emmmmmmm, I’m fine but I miss the broad.
Day in the Life – The Beatles

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