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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reasonable? Oh...Rilly?

So then, Republicans, especially chick repubs are moving away from supporting Fuckface von Clownstick's bid for the presidency. Huh. Interesting
“For people like me, who are Republican but reasonable and still have our brains attached, it’s hard to see Trump as a reasonable, sane Republican,” said Dina Vela, a project manager in San Antonio who said she had always voted Republican and remained wary of Hillary Clinton. But to her own surprise, she has started visiting Mrs. Clinton’s campaign website and plans to vote for her. (source)
“Republican but reasonable?” This is both laughable in the extreme AND a grand example of utterly nutso bogus-osity. Yet another example of the Orwellian Doublespeak which the Inane Old Party specializes in.

This is the party who’s voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act no fewer than 62 times (as of January of this year).

This is the party who refuses to enact sensible gun laws/restrictions despite the fact that more people are now being offed by guns than cars.
2,996 lives were snuffed out on 9/11. Meanwhile, over the last three years alone 37,763 have died here on our turf. That number includes oopsies, crime and our own homegrown terrorists. If another country was doing this to us, we’d be at war. Instead, the flaccid NRA tools of the House and Senate do nothing but gin up fear amongst the low info set – Obama/Hilary’s gonna take away your guns!

This is the party who, on seeing that they’re falling out of favor with the electorate – aside from the greedheaded assholian crew and the low info/easily manipulated/dumbass folk, resort to gerrymandering and other voter disenfranchisement.

This is the party who feel it makes just oodles of sense to spend our tax $$$ investigating, lying and smearing Planned Parenthood, fucking the Benghazi chicken to death and back to zombie life and talking about what does and does not constitute rape.
 If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
~ Joseph Goebbels
I gotta ask: It takes the violence laden, sneering, bully boy, fact averse rhetoric of the Cheeto-faced, ferret-topped, shitgibbon mangled, apricot hellbeast to wake you up (if only situationally and temporarily)? Or is it, perhaps, that you're just not keen on being seen with that crowd. Is it that, mebbe, his KKK and American Nazi Party supporters make you feel, dunno, a bit queasy?

Ya know, I'd really like to know.

So then, “Republican but reasonable?” Pardon me while I howl and make valient attempts to cool down (HEY, it could happen!).

Meanwhile, Jill Stein’s escalating her idiocy.
I was going to say that Jill Stein is to political commentary as Skip Bayless is to sports commentary, but that’s not really fair to the latter — Skip’s shitty takes aren’t actually part of a campaign willing to risk the the infliction of massive suffering on some of America’s most vulnerable citizens in exchange for no upside whatsoever. (source)

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