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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Arboreous Sea Monsters of the Cape

sand shelf – wasn't there last year
When I think of the Cape, especially the lower Cape, around P-town and Truro, I never think of forests – just beaches and ocean, ocean, ocean. Jen and Oni, generally, spend a week down in Truro each summer. They camp (yech), bike and hike around the great dunes, swim like dolphins and hit the fab galleries and shops in P-town. Apart from the sleeping on the ground and having to hit an ill kept head //shudder// or *gasp* a porta-potty, the vaca sounds perfect to me.

The grey swarming, stormy sea
You might be thinking, But, but you live on a beach. Why take a holiday on one? Well, you see….not every beach is alike. Ours is small and kinda urban in that we’re in a thickly settled neighborhood. Nantasket, which I LOVE, is similar to us but the beach is a lot bigger. Truro? MONDO sand dunes, no houses right nearby, trails, trees and scrub abound. Oh yeah, and sharks. (this being a plus NOT a minus!)
Recently, Cape Cod's great white sharks and gray seals have gained local and national attention. Both species existed long before Cape Cod was settled or became a popular destination, and in recent years their numbers have increased. Sharks have existed for more than 400 million years.  As top predators, sharks are critical for maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.
While it is rare for a great white shark to bite a human, it did occur in Truro in 2012. (source)
Sea monster masquerading as tree
And then they offer handy dandy safety tips (available at the linky).

While folks fish off the pier on Nut Island (a mile down the road from us), we don’t get shark or seal action.  No whales or sea monsters either. *sigh* We should have sea monsters!

Another sea monster tree – Truro seems to have a whole herd of them. Cool!
So then, just as all cities are different (e.g., if you want a holiday in San Fran, Chicago wouldn’t be a great alternative and vice versa), so are all beaches. If you’re a surf and sand person, as we Valhallans are, the perfect vaca is one where we go to a stretch of shore that we’ve never visited before OR just hitting a beloved, fave strand.

I’m envious of their Truro sabbaticals but I just can’t see being on the Cape, especially not in P-town, during the height of summer. The place is jampacked crowded in high season. Of course it is – the place is beautifully idyllic…’cept for all the people. So then, maybe late this fall, before all the galleries shut for the winter, I’ll toodle down there for an overnight at one of the lovely B&Bs. Yes, while I walk the shoreline and up through the forest of sea monstery trees, I’ll be wrapped in sweaters and scarves instead of shorts and tank but that’s a tradeoff I’m cool with.

The pics were all taken by Jen. By the by, the beach was closed, OFF limits while they were down there due to Hermine induced mega waves and currents. This, barely a month after swimming was ixnayed due to shark action. Sounds exciting! Maybe they have sea monsters too.
The forest before the sea – looks magical, don't it.

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