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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why I’m Avoiding the News

RNC chair, Reince Priebus, the dimwitted human anagram, thinks that Clinton should smile.

Rilly dude? She’s running for Prez of a major, very complicated world power and you think she should smile more? That's your complaint? Maybe it's just me but I don't recall anyone advising Snarling Dick Cheney to smile. Possibly that's because his happy face was scarier?

At Daily Kos, Kerry Eleveld starts with this:
Donald Trump faced a tough round of questions on Wednesday night at NBC’s Commander In Chief Forum when Matt Lauer lobbed him open-ended question after open-ended question—more akin to something you would ask a third grader than a potential president. While Lauer pounded away at Hillary Clinton about her emails during her first question, his first query of Trump was:
    What have you experienced in your personal life or your professional life that you believe prepares you to make the decisions that a commander-in-chief has to make?
Yup. This, this right here is a beauty contest question and, that’s just how Trump answered, in a dimwitted, utterly vacuous manner.
And finally, Lauer wondered if Trump was prepared for the “emotional burden” of making critical foreign policy decisions.
No word from Priebus on whether Trump should smile more.

Also, not a lot of push back on Trump's boys will be boys attitude about rape within the military. Trump's beliefs are no surprise given his own heinous behavior.

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, interestingly, wasn’t as critical of Lauer's bizarre, ball dropping, piss poor performance. He feels that a) in many cases Trump's statements were so nonsensical that it was probably a bit hard to know how to respond and b) Trump's ignorance spoke for itself.

Dude’s a big time TV journo. He’s been in the biz for a long time now. It’s his job to know how to respond, no matter what inanity comes out of his interviewee’s mouth. Also too, Trump's ignorance is not as obvious to a large segment of the country. Just FYI and shit.
Trump said a number of really weird, disquieting things. In praising Putin he said admiringly that Putin "has strong control over his country." What does that mean? Yes, he has incredibly strong control over that country. He's destroyed basically every independent sector of power in business, rival political leaders. He dominates the press. He's if not a dictator than an authoritarian strongman pretty much out of central casting.
He affirmed a tweet in which he suggested that of course there are lots of rapes in the military because that's what happens when you put men and women together. In other words, that's what men do.
And Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice has an even bigger collection of Tweet commentary on last night’s debacle. Go have a look see.

So, I think imma look at cat pics and watch sci fi movies until November 9th.

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