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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cats and Furniture

Coco on her new hassock
Coco in her new chair
I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, reorganizing and tossing of things that I should’ve gotten rid of way long ago. Amongst them is our old, ugly, mondo, black leather recliner.

We got it when The Amazing Bob’s older brother died. It seemed, at the time, like a great chair for my mega tall TAB – it was big, comfy and all recliner-y. Fab-city, right? Nope. It was too big, too dark and too black leathery for our wee, colorful cottage. Still, it was useful and a new TAB easy chair wouldn’t come cheap. I covered it in a hundred and three throws and there the colossus sat, sucking the light and a lot of space outta our tiny living room.
An aside: throw blankets seem to be an especially hot gift item. I can hear the shop girls dispensing valuable gift advice now:
You're unsure of what to buy that very different, distant family member for birthdays, Christmas or whatever? Why... just get them a lovely, small plush or cable knit blanket! After all, don’t we all need a little warmth in the winter?

Yeah. Sure. Of course, but I'm now the owner of, literally, a dozen of these babies; quite possibly more. So, ya know, enough with the throws already. I appreciate the thought – honest I do – but I’m drowning in 54”x66" squares of fabric. Wanna buy me an inexpensive gift? Something handmade is always in good taste or, better yet, make a donation to one of my fave charities. Just FYI and all.
Rare, sans cat, chair and hassock moment
Back to the Ugly Recliner Dilemma though – the other day, I had a giant epiphany. There was a mint green vinyl Winston chair down in my painting studio. I’d picked it up at a cool flea market up in Gloucester way back when we lived in Cambridge. There wasn’t room for it here in Tiny Cottageville ‘cept in basement Studio Land – so, there it’s been sitting for the last 13 years. Poor neglected dear.

Jen and Oni brought it upstairs yesterday, et voilà, it’s cozy, big enough for me, looks good and fits the space a thousand times better than that fat, dark, homely recliner.

I went out to Pier One yesterday and picked up a marvy, hippy-ish patchwork hassock to go with it. After all, and take careful note here, one must always elevate the feetsies while knitting. I’d been eyeing this cutie for a couple of years now and, lucky me, it was on sale!

So, as you can see, our baby princess kitten, Coco, has commandeered both the hassock AND the new chair.

Never try to outstubborn a cat.
~ Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

I prefer cats to people, for the most part. Most people aren't cute,
& if they are cute they rapidly outgrow it
~ William S. Burroughs

When bored, find a little cat and watch it; when very bored, find two little cats and watch them!
~ Mehmet Murat İldan

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