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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Papalaka papalaka papalaka boo

TAB totally rocked his Winnie T, Of course.
Today it is two months since my most Amazing Bob flatlined for the second and final time. Over this past week I found myself back in Stunned Land. WHY isn’t TAB here in bed with me/in his big recliner/feeding the birdies/watching his football/baseball games? How can he be gone?! How can this possibly be?!!! This is blindingly UNFAIR!

Yeah, //snort// like anything in this life is fair.

TAB’s side of the bed is now piled with laundry that I need to put away, books I’ve not read yet, a couple of my awesome beloved’s poetry collections, my fave T-shirts of his and other random shit. Bed’s still WAY too fucking big without him.

Distraction action today includes triking, lunch with a friend (possibly down on Nantasket so a beach walk might be in the mix!), watching Deadpool (yes, again) and completing (or, at least continuing with) my new studio set ups. I’m still in the process of moving the painting studio up to the kitchen/dining room. In its place, down in Basementville, will be my wheel, a hand-building counter and wedging table.

Coco on her new hassock gazing at her new rug
So far, re: the clay, all I’ve been doing is slaking my old, dried out, leftover terra cotta and rejuvenating some white stoneware. Once it’s all newly invigorated and shit, I’ll start with the bowl throwing action. This, at left, is my fave coffee mug of the moment and, yes, it's one of mine – I made that (she says all happy, happy, pleased with herself and shit).

I’ve been moving slowish on these shifts. Warum? I blame that new knitting addiction of mine. Yes, yes I do. I successfully cast off my first little effort. Yea me! What is it? I was unsure and laid it out on the floor to have a gander, give it a think or two. Coco, not plagued by indecisiveness, immediately made an executive decision. It’s her new rug. When she’s not resting her hyper bones on it’s soft. colorful surface, she’s gazing down at it from her atop her new hassock perch. Good kitten.

I’ve begun a fresh project, of course. I think this one’ll be a scarf or, ya know, some other similarly wicked ambitious venture like that there. Maybe I should make Rocco a sweater though, huh?

We’re in for nasty weather in the upcoming days so I should do all my outdoor divertissements today. Appropriately enough, right before wakey-wakey this AM, I dreamed that a giant storm kicked up. It was a hurricane with some typhoon action on the side. I was away from home and this was VERY scary. The water was up to the second floor of the building I was in and I’d no idea how I was gonna get back to Valhalla and the kittens. Panic was taking firm, solid hold of me. And then Rocco, quite rudely yet gently, poked me in the nose with a sharp claw(!) because BREKKIE TIME. Yeah yeah. Sure, sure. I should be grateful that my spoiled former feral saved me from serious dream drenching and possible drown-age.

But...I’m not.

He still got his morning meal plus treats though because, ya know, I am the Cat Lady – Goo goo g' joob.

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