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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just in Time

My kitchen floor’s done! Well, close to it. I still want to paint/stain the grout and wood holding-strip a nice bright copper color. After that, John will come back and lay down a clear, protective glaze.

Know what felt utterly satisfying – luxurious even? I got to make coffee ON the kitchen counter versus the living room floor this morning. Yup, doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy.

Also too, the medicine cabinet and vanity are in place AND functioning en el baño. YEA! My stress levels are now, finally, well out of the mesosphere.

All this is just in time for Jen and I’s quickie trip to Iceland. We leave for the airport at three this afternoon. Why Iceland again? Jen and I both need a chilled out holiday. Something with a low adventure/high cozy indulgence quotient. Yup, we’re headed back to the Blue Lagoon. What could be better than soaking in a geo-thermal pool, popping out for snacks and vino, reading cheesy fantasy potboilers and, just generally, not having anything on our MUST-Do-today lists? Not too bloody much, I'm tellin' ya!

BEST damn wasabi peas EVAH!
We’re staying nearby, not right at the Lagoon, BUT it’s just a short walk away. AND we won’t need to rent a car. There’s a bus from the airport which stops at the lagoon and then heads on to downtown Reykjavik. Yup, we’ll be heading into town on one of the days we’re there because ART and more ART. Plus, we’ll need some of them inspirational, artisanal wasabi peas, vino and a stop in at the fab vintage shop, Spúútnik Fatamarkaður, is MOST def in order. I got a brill jacket last time I was there.

Oh yeah and I want to hit the Kolaportið (flea market) again too. I just LOVE a weird flea market.

When we return home, apart from dealing with the mondo guilt trips which Coco and Rocco will doubtless dish out, I’ll need to put the kitchen and bathroom back into regular, everyday functioning order. You know, all the shelving back into place, meds, lotions and bandaids will take up residence in the new cabinets AND all those expired pills and salves will be binned. Who knew? Renovation is a great way to clean and purge.

'scuse me – gotta go pack.

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