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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Chaos Continues

Next time I have work done on the house, if I EVAH have work done again, I'm going to pack
me and the cats up and move into a hotel in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. I’ll watch surfers zoom through the curls the whole time. It'll be all meditative-like AND Coco and Rocco will love it. I feel certain of this.

John’s doing a helluva great job and he’s working fast. It’s all wonderful really. I just wish that I wasn’t here. I finally found an electrical outlet where I could plug in my coffee maker – in the living room nook, on the floor by my tiny couch. Annoying to have to get down on all fours and crawl to get a cuppa BUT it beats the hell outta jumping in Bix and hitting sugared java central. Yes, I said I was getting used to Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast. It’s honestly not bad BUT in order to get it, I had to, SANS caffeine (!!!), put on pants at fucking 4AM. Not cool, not cool at all.

Once the floor is finito, Oni’s gonna call the electrician he used for their kitchen remodel – dude’ll come in and make sure all the breakers and shit are working spiffily. Then all the furniture moves out of the dining area and back into place.  Can't wait!
Les Fauves

John is also putting in a new bathroom medicine cabinet and vanity. The ones which came with the house when we bought it have fallen apart. Literally. The old vanity is still in place upstairs but the water isn’t so I’ll be brushing my teeth in the bathtub this morning. Joy.

You may be thinking “Hey, where’s your damn sense of fun, Donna?!” OK, that’s what I’m thinking. Beats the fuck outta me. I wish I’d remembered how stressful it’s been for friends when they’ve had work done (and didn’t vaca away during the chaos). If I had mebbe I would’ve sparked up the serious meditation action sooner. Yup, I’m back to deep breathing exercises. I’m also trying to do a Zen and the Art of Knitting thing. You know, mindful stitching and shit.

The upside to the house being in utter chaos is that Helen and the girls are here while John works. We hit The Mad Hatter down in Weymouth for brekkie yesterday. The veggie egg pizza, while wonderfully eggie, wasn’t as awesome as hoped. Like a lot of places that give only a slight nod to us meat eschewer types, the plant life was mostly green peppers, ‘shrooms and onions. C’mon, how about some broccoli and/or spinach, mon ami!? The veggie quiche, on the other hand, was utterly BRILL. Helen got that and, next time, so will I.

Know what really sealed the deal at The Mad Hatter? One of the handsome waiters signed to me! Yeah, I'm DEF goin' back!

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