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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let’s Have a Breather

This is the Christmas cactus that my friend Frank gave me a bazillion years ago after one of my myriad surgeries. Every time it would bloom, The Amazing Bob would get a huge ol’ smile on his beautiful face and point out the comely hot pink buds to me. The other day, I noticed them all on my own but could still hear TAB’s deep, sexy voice beaming over the graceful, lithe blooms.

And this, below, is the tall grass outside of my local YMCA. In my hunt for a place to float, I asked my boss about the Y. You see, they’re one of her biggest accounts.

I asked, do they have a hot tub?
No, but the pool water’s very warm, she replied.
I can’t afford the membership or monthly fees but do ya think you could get me a guest pass for a visit?

She did more than that. On Thursday morning she brought me into their financial department. I’m now filling out paperwork so that I can join/belong at a reduced rate. The Y has a sliding scale – YEA! For now though, I've got the month at a very affordable price.

Next, the the wonderful, knowledgable Y woman took me on a tour of the whole place. They’ve got every stationary exercise machine know to mankind (or so it seems) ALL kitted out with small TVs WITH Closed Captioning! I’ve always despised the treadmill but if I can watch a show (and people watch my fellow workout bees) the gross tedium will be relieved to some (hopefully not small) degree.

Yes, I really prefer walking and triking outdoors in the wonderful sea air BUT what this means is that I can still trike (they have a recumbent stationary trike!!!) and walk even in negative degree temps with apocalyptic depths of snow.

The last stop on the tour was the astounding pool. It’s big, big, BIG. There are a lot of lanes for when I, eventually, start lap swimming again. There’s also a big open area where I can just float.

Yeah, the happy, happy waterworks were def in play here. I felt like a ninny, crying in front of my boss and this warm, lovely Y worker but I was just SO damn blown away by everyone’s kindness, the brill facilities AND the fact that I’m now going to be able to meditate again. Exercise, I’ve realized, is one of the best ways for me to chill out, calm, my stressed beyond belief mind.

On that note, I’m gonna go suit up so’s I can get in an early swim/float.

Coco, sitting in the sun, is unsure whether she cares about my new watery plans.

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