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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Since the debacle of November 8th, there has been much, MUCH heated talk and protest. Of course!

From a great post at The Badger Herald:
The man you elected is so controversial that many of you feel the need to defend your choice to vote for him, clarifying that you are not a racist, a bigot, sexist or homophobic. Yet on Nov. 8, you cast your ballot for a man who is all of the above.
Yes. I'm seeing the defensiveness too. I don't really get it. Those who bought Trump's con about bringing jobs back to the U.S. also bought his message of hate, exclusion and wealthy white male dominance über alles. Trump's not a cafeteria – you pick him, you get the whole ugly package. Capisce?

I had an interesting exchange (on line). The organizer of one of the ASL MeetUp groups I’m planning to attend, sent around a note saying, essentially, political discussions at the gatherings were verboten and anyone being harassed by a Trump supporter should let him know. This was met with gratitude...for the most part. Two very indignant FEMALE Trump voters (!!! self-hating or just astronomically dim?), however, responded defensively and…well, indignantly. The second was all “I’m NOT a racist. How dare you..." and "I wanted to learn more ASL but now…” 

I couldn’t help but respond. Yup, I went Full Metal Diplomatic Adult saying:
I think that so many of us are full of fear right now – especially those of us with a great deal to lose. Emotions are superheated and I'm guessing all of us are being less diplomatic than usual.

It's fear.

I hope you continue to learn ASL and use it. As a late-deafened disabled adult, I'm always thrilled when shopkeepers, acquaintances, friends and random strangers know my adopted language.
I’m pretty certain that this was FAR too subtle for her. I imagine she missed that her vote endangers all of us who aren’t white, male, het and financially comfortable (including herself). She was, however, grateful for my “kind words.” 

I could've raged. Once more now, with extra hot sauce – Trump's not a cafeteria – you picked him and we all get the whole ugly, racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive package!

Why did I respond kindly? Eh, I think that, with some people (maybe a lot of folk), this can be more effective than lashing out.
Somebody must have sense enough to meet hate with love. Somebody must have sense enough to meet physical force with soul force. If we will but try this way, we will be able to change these conditions and yet at the same time win the hearts and souls of those who have kept these conditions alive – a way as old as the insights of Jesus of Nazareth, as modern as the techniques of Mohandas K. Gandhi. There is another way.
~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I went to the Love Rally on the Boston Common. Naturally I missed most of what was happening (deaf here, ‘member?) but still, the crowd was huge and wonderful. Lots of happy people chanting, hugging and caring.

Kenzie Woodrow shared this brill incident:
At the Love Rally tonight in Boston, a man stood up and shouted "I voted for Trump!" He laughed at the crowd and had his phone up to record reactions of hate towards him. To his surprise he wasn't met with hate. A few yelled "We love you" and his mocking of the crowd was drown out as hundreds began to chant "Love trumps hate". This is my America. We fight hate with love. #spreadlove#lovetrumpshate
What do we need in order to protect ourselves and fight the upcoming devastating hard years? A lot of strength and energy AND love. Also too, we must work very hard to elect progressive Dems on ALL levels. Now more than ever before, we all have to work towards getting out the vote for the mid-term elections.

I gotta remind myself that Clinton won the popular vote by, as of Saturday, almost two million votes. There are more good, caring, loving people in this country than ignorant, hating asswipes.

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