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Monday, November 21, 2016


I bought one of those spark-yur-lazy-ass-imagination books – 500 Writing Prompts. I figured it’d scootch my memory and, hopefully, bring some interesting buried treasure to the surface of my Serpent Sea of memory.

Ummmm. Nope.

Maybe it’s just today. I’m floundering in a swamp of sad. Anger too. The pain of being without my Amazing Bob is especially sharp these last few days. I expect, given this week’s holiday, the wretchedness will grow. Prolly, by the end of January, my desolation row’ll have it’s own zip code.

What’s the anger portion of the day's mood morass about? The electoral college’s obscene theft of our democratically elected prez. The weaselheaded con man, the hero of the KKK, the epitome of narcissistic assholedom will make a SPLENDID prez. Yeah...sure.  What are you fucking kidding me!!!
*cough* about those those writing prompts though...

Who is your rock? Why do you feel that way about them?

TAB, duh! Why was he my rock? Well, you can read here and here and here OR, to be short and sweet, he was fucking TAB fer fuck’s sake – the love of my life. My hero!

Who’s my rock now that my beloved is gone. I got two – Jen and Oni. They’re right here with me. They take care of me. They make me laugh. They cook for me, change my light bulbs, watch sci fi flicks with me. They put up with my frequent waterworks and tolerate my electric rages at the universe.

Could you live at the beach or do you feel it’s just a place to visit? Why?
Em….been living here in Valhalla by the Sea for 13 years now. I believe a more apt question would be Could you live away from the ocean?

The water calls to me. I feel the rhythm of the waves  – it calms me/centers me. Also too, BEAUTY (duh)! Could I live elsewhere? Dunno. I don’t plan to. I could see having a SoHo condo or some Brattleboro crib or a cottage deep in the Green Mountain National Forest BUT home is where the air rocks a briny scent, where I can go a few steps out my door and find amazing shells and sea monsters. LOVE them sea monsters!

If you looked into a crystal ball, what would you hope to see?
Crystal balls foretell the future, right? This just gets me back to here and now. What I'd love to see, first and foremost, is TAB, alive and well (NOT all zombified). I want to see him walking in our front door. He'd be beaming one of his brilliant, beautiful smiles and telling me all about how he’d just pitched some serious junk. THAT'S what I want to see in a damn crystal ball!

Second, I want to see Trump, his KKK followers, Pence and his American Taliban crew NOT be prez and vice prez. I’m real keen on seeing a Blue House and Senate and four more years of the best president in my long memory too.

While I’m dreaming HUGE, how ‘bout some world peace…hmmmmmm?

Name three things you hate doing. What would make you enjoy them more?
What would make me “enjoy” them more? Oh please, if I enjoyed them at all, to even the weensiest degree, they wouldn’t be things that I "hate" doing. Right?

That part of the prompt should be phrased, What would make you despise doing them less?
Answer? NOT having to do them. Duh!

Perhaps I need to page through the writing prompt book on a different day. Maybe on a different planet too. Possibly, I should just find a less banal collection of questions.

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