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Friday, December 2, 2016

Fud and Aht

Last night, Jen and I motored down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island for the opening of The Foundry Artists Association Holiday Show. This has become an annual deal for us. Not only are we able to get all our holiday shopping done in one go, we’re able to buy REALLY cool art and craft from the actual creators.
Stephanie Mason coasters

James Polisky silk screened cards
We arrived in Pawtucket a little early so figured we’d get a late lunch/early dinner first. In the mood for Mexican, I employed my monster Google-foo and found Taqueria Lupita.

Holy fucking wow, wow, WOW – this place is FABULOUS! It’s a homey little hole-in-the-wall/no frills kind of a joint. E.g., while they do have vino, there’s no real choice. Pinot Grigio for white and sangria for red. No biggie at all though. ALL of the food’s made from scratch right there, including the chips. Jen and I both ordered the fish tacos and, dios mio (!!!), they were the best damn fish tacos we’ve ever had.

Taqueria Lupita  is at 765 Dexter Street in Central Falls, a section of Pawtucket. They, alone, made the drive down worthwhile. BIG time!

At The Foundry show, I found my faves from last time – James Polisky, Belinda Gabryl, Stephanie Mason (FishPrintLady), Lynne Lovely (Lovely Glasswork) and, of course, Brenda Morrison (Jasmine Keane). 
Liza Abelson, Dasken Designs squid

Lynne Lovely star
Now then, IF I had the space at home (and the doughage), I’d invest in a Mike Bryce painting. LOVE his style, his use of color. I get the sense, though not sure, that he’s a children’s book illustrator and I LURV that shit. Duh.

Also too – Deb Kracht of Arthead Studio. She does some brain-sparking, wild, found-art pieces. I’d love to have an entire wall in my wee cottage covered with her stuff.
My current work seeks to rescue and reinvent objects which are broken or have outlived their purpose. In doing so I satisfy my love of the treasure hunt by going to flea markets, estate sales and auctions, using my finds to make art instead of just hoarding interesting bits.
My new Belinda Gabryl coffee mug!
And I found a new stained glass artist who I’m wild about – Liza Abelson of Dasken Designs. A squid – how could I possibly resist? Answer: I couldn’t. Duh.

The show’s up at The Pawtucket Armory | Center for the Arts, located at 172 Exchange Street in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They're open this weekend and next. WELL worth the drive!

Hours are:
Today, December 2nd, 12-8pm
Saturday, December 3rd, 10-6pm
Sunday, December 4th, 10-6pm
Friday, December 9th, 12-8pm
Saturday, December 10th, 10-6pm
Sunday, December 11th, 10-6pm
So many brill artists/craftpersons there – this is just a wee snapshot of the tremendous collection.

We have art in order not to die of the truth.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio
Brenda Morrison, Jasmine Keane
Mike Bryce

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