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Friday, December 23, 2016


Did NOTHING yesterday!

OK, OK totally not true. I blogged, ran a zillion errands, did laundry, a bit of housecleaning even (!!!) and spent some quality time with my beautiful herd.

Still, it feels like nada when I don’t get to the gym AND I don’t work. 'member, I’m freelance. I only gig if I get an email saying Hey, I need… No contact-y/no work-y. *groan*

My eye dilation defense garb
I know, I know, we’re coming up on a big, big holiday week, so OF COURSE there’s less work and missing a day at the Body Shop (AKA the Y) is totes understandable. The guilt, the guilt on not working out though. I’ve got pounds to shed and they ain’t gonna cast off on their own (far as I know anyway).

One half of my beautiful herd.
I'll get there today after my neuro-ophthalmologist appointment. I’m meeting a new dude today. My eye guy, who Ive been seeing for the past 522 years, croaked last May. Guess when I found out. No, guess! Two weeks after my beloved took off on the Avalon Express is when I got the word. Bad timing? Fuck yeah!

 Simmons Lessell was a wonderful, brilliant, caring, supportive doc. He brought me to the other side of some mega scary times. Given how much Doc Lessell meant to me, meeting the new guy, Dr. Rizzo – the head of Mass. Eye and Ear’s Neuro-Ophthalmology deaprtment (!!!), will be an emotional mixed bag. I get that my eyeballs will, probably, most likely, be in good hands BUT he won’t be the wonderful, daddy-figure, hero, guardian like Lessell and, for that matter, Ojemann were.

Change – I suck at this shit.

On top of that, I’m toting my usual pre-neuro-ophthalmology appointment fears. Is this the year for more surgery? Will there be bad news on the sight front? I’m already missing two ears, the visions GOT to be fine!

Oh and anotha thing, Rizzo’ll put the drops in that dilate the fuck outta my pupils. So, the view out my peepers is gonna fuzzy as all hell and, already way light sensitive, just a drop of sunlight’s gonna have me screaming for mercy. Joy. I'll sit in the Yawkey Building's first floor cafeteria, drink coffee and watch the shadows ghost by until my pupils shrink up a bit.

Will the vile effect of the drops wear off enough so’s I can get to the gym today? They betta!

I will sit right down,
Waiting for the gift of sound and vision
And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
Drifting into my solitude,
over my head

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