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Sunday, December 11, 2016


John, me and Jenny – we make a good posse, eh?
On our way to Bisbee we stopped in Tombstone. TOMBSTONE! The town too tough to die! Jesus Dough Puncher Christ, The Amazing Bob would’ve LOVED this.  My sweet prince was absolutely wild about cowboy movies. Two things which could be reliably found on our TV – Westerns and Godzilla flicks. Yeah, I was the giant reptilian monster devotee but TAB always indulged my fandom.

A quick, commercial break, nap
Mssr. John Ford and Howard Hawks are responsible for hours of TAB smile-age. He and Coco would sit in his big easy chair, the two of them completely engrossed in the horsies and cowhands. Honest, Coco was wild for shoot 'em ups!

Jenny, John and I didn’t stop in at the OK Coral or the Boothill Cemetery but, hopefully we can swing through there on the way back to Phoenix. Did you know (I didn’t) that  the Boothill Cemetery’s also a Jewish Memorial?

In any case, we stopped here for lunch and a walkabout. John got into a convo with the waitress at Cafe Margarita (margaritas the size of my head – I swear!) and asked what kind of folks live in Tombstone now. Afterall, the days of the Clantons, Tom Waters, Dutch Annie and the Halderman Brothers are over. Right? The gist of her reply was that the place was full of Mormons and tweakers.

Oooooookay, maybe I don’t need to do much more than pass through here.
Rilly, we should've had lunch here for the name alone!
I think I need this dress. Don't you?


  1. This is wicked cool. Reminds of when I was traveling many years ago and found myself in Coolgardie, in Australia’s Western Territory. I was wandering through a cemetary there and found a Methodist section, a Muslim section, and a Jewish section. Huh?

    Turns out there was a gold rush in Australia around the same time as ours in the US. To get through the outback, they imported camels, and when you import camels, you also have to import Algerian camel drivers, hence the Muslim section of the cemetary. As for the Jews, well, they did what Yidden have done from time immemorial: they were merchants, buying and selling to supply the populace with what they needed.