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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


1. a mixture of rum and water, often flavored with lemon, sugar, and spices and sometimes served hot.
2. fired and crushed clay.  
Grog (definition number two that is), is used a lot in pottery.
...adding sand or grog makes the clay body more able to “stand up:” higher pot walls can be thrown without collapse, therefore larger pieces can be created. Sculpting clay has a great amount of sand and coarse grog added. (source)
And then we have Groggy.
1. staggering, as from exhaustion or blows
2. dazed and weakened, as from lack of sleep
Did you know? When we’re not in the midst of a thousand and one half holidays, the Y hours for today are 5AM – 10PM. Boyhowdy, that’s some pretty damned expansive hours! At 5AM I could get myself a nice lane in the pool. I could swim all my laps, be showered and home before I was even truly awake.

Sounds utterly peachy, don’t it? Yeah, it do BUT…despite getting primo quality rack time last night, when I woke (and I’m using that verb metaphorically) I was not quite able to slip on my suit, jump into Bix and motor off to Lap land.

I’m a morning person, dammit! Shouldn’t I be all up and at ’em every damn day at 5AM? Em….that’d be awesome but no – shit don’t work like that. I’m able to do the basics – feed the herd, MAKE COFFEE, load the dishwasher, empty the trash. Hell’s bells, I can even do a bit of layout work at that bleary-ass hour. Getting into the bathing costume, out the door and into the pool by 5AM is gonna take more prep and effort than just thinking gee, this is a good idea. I can do this!

Later this morning, Felicity and I will hit the MFA. I’m psyched to see the exhibit of John Wilson and Eldzier Cortor's respective work. William Merritt Chase’s paintings are being featured too. He’s not quite as exciting as John Singer Sargent or Manet but still lovely.

AND up on the third floor there are five newly reinstalled galleries featuring 28 Modern artists Frida Kahlo, Max Beckmann, Jackson Pollock and more.

So, maybe it’s best that I didn’t swim my laps yet today. I’m still relatively new to this BIG exercise thing and, honestly, it knocks me clean out. I’d need to come home and chill with Coco versus hopping on the T for the long ride into and across town. Taking the T – that should totally count as exercise!
“Exercise is wonderful," said Louis. "I could sit and watch it all day.”
~ Larry Niven, Ringworld

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