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Monday, January 2, 2017


George Lucas told a young Carrie Fisher something along the lines of look at the person someone is having a relationship and you'll see what they think of themselves.
I suppose this means that Trump sees himself as porn model who's sold his soul for the big bucks. Which, if you substitute flagrant, narcissistic, exhibitionist, control-freaking, asshole for porn model it’s accurate.

What does my very deliberate choice of The Amazing Bob mean that I think of myself?

TAB was beautiful inside and out. He was wonderfully kind and selflessly caring. Witty as fuck too. TAB was incredibly smart. I always said, to myself and him, that if something was need-to-know, he knew it. He'd yes dear me as though I was just doing a cha cha with hyperbole but, fer fuck's sake, it WAS true! SERIOUS!!!

Now, if Lucas' aphorism is accurate, I can only say that any resemblance I might have had to TAB was a wish. More, it was a testament to my impeccable taste and smahts. Of course!

Speaking of smahts and the distinct lack thereof, I really overdid it yesterday. After work was finished on my kitchen floor (a clear glaze, protective coating over top the tiles embedded in my kitchen floor) I wanted to put everything back in place – like the fridge and some big shelves.

So yeah, I moved them on my own. Yes, Jen and Oni would’ve totally helped but I just could NOT wait for them to wake up. Afterward, I went to the gym where I did a half dozen laps before the pool got too crowded for my delicate sensibilities. I decided to finish my work out upstairs on the elliptical. You know, a full work out is a happy work out...and shit.

If TAB was here he would’ve been yelling at me to
A) STOP shifting the damn fridge and bookshelves. He would’ve put his foot down. QUIT moving furniture. Wait for Jen and Oni!
and then
B) You are NOT going to the gym today too!
After the fridge nomad action he’d probably have put me on the couch for the day with icepacks glued to my forearms. Hey, I thought about it! OK? Alternatively, and probably closer to reality, he would’ve just rolled his eyes up to the stratosphere when I bleated I’ll be fine, I just gotta do this and I’ll be careful. The man was well aware that I have more energy than sense.

So then, how’d it all work out? Just GREAT! //snort// The kitchen’s back to normal AND I went up to a new, more challenging level on the elliptical – really pushed myself. Felt awesome. And then, later, as I was watching TV with J&O, pain descended like a cloud of supremely pissed off bees.

Jen fetched me a heating pad for my arm and an ice pack for my aching tête. I bumbled home, fed the herd and slept for the next 12 hours.

Sleep is good – my left arm still hurts this morning but not quite as bad. Bright babe that I am, I’m considering maybe not doing laps or the elliptical today – possibly just the stationary bike. This way I’ll get exercise but not put stress on my arm. Cool, right!?

Yes, I’m channelling TAB’s big, brill brain here. Will I listen to his smart, posthumous advice?


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