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Friday, February 10, 2017

Chocolate Cats

The dream had chocolate AND cats but no chocolate cats. I woke up thinking that I should get candy molds in the shape of kittens so The Amazing Bob could make his BRILL fudge in sweet feline shapes. And then, more or less conscious, I remembered.

Hmmph and motherfucking GODDAMMIT!

Still the dream was a good one. Of course it was – it had two of my favorite things.

Yesterday’s blizzard gave most folks in these parts an official day off. Huzzah, another sweet gem! What’s better than being an adult and having a snow day? Jen and Oni made hot cocoa and nachos for our afternoon Lost Girl binge session.

What is Lost Girl? It's a Canadian charmed being/detective show about a succubus and her Scooby-gang in a Toronto-esque town.
It's like Warehouse 13 with lots of sex; or maybe it's like True Blood without the WTF. ~snip~ Bo is a fae, a member of an ancient underground group of magical creatures, but she was raised by humans. So she has no idea why she kills every person she has sex with — until she comes to the city, and starts meeting other magical creatures like herself. Like Warehouse 13, the show focuses a lot on light humor and zany hijinks, without ever losing sight of the dark mysteries at the core of its story. (source)
We like it for it’s frothy wit, general weirdness and, until recently, episode happy endings. TOTALLY not heavy. Mind you, there’s too much sexytime action for my liking and the hero, Bo, smiles way too damn much (and they’re girl-next-door nice smiles not I’m-about-to-disembowel-you-and-it’ll-be-VERY-painful-and-then-you-die smiles) but, apart from that, I really like the show.
Our succubus hero Bo is a plucky slut — kind of like Mary Tyler Moore, if having sex was part of her job. Basically she's a nice girl who loves helping people — and also, sex is what she does! (source)
YES. THIS! For as much as Mary Tyler Moore was just so good, so mainstream/normal-ish, SO not eccentrically odd in any way, she was charming as all hell. How could anyone NOT like her? The character Bo is just like this....except she's a succubus.

On the plus side of all the coitus happy time, Bo is très bi and all her chums are totes jim-dandy with that. As it should be (dammit).

Back in college days, I recall there being a lot of frown-y action over bi-ness. I never understood this. Still don’t. Honestly, if you’re up for fun with either gender, doesn’t this double your odds for having a date on a Saturday night? Doesn't this mean that, ya know, you'll never walk alone? Isn't this a very good thing? Late one night in the studio, Kevin and I were digging through this in true late’70s, hippy-groovy fashion. To our minds, everyone starts life bi but society’s two dimensional edicts force us all to choose. NOT healthy or natural!

Great theory.  We took our philosophizing for a test run only to find out that, nope, we were both decidedly het. K. STILL, bi happens and that’s lovely and totes kosher. Ya know?!

Maybe I’m just squicked out by Lost Girl’s mega-abundance of blissful carnal knowledge because it reminds me that my gorgeous TAB isn’t with me anymore? Yeah, could be.

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