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Friday, February 17, 2017

Heart Shaped World

A guest post from my fabulous, caring, activist friend Jenny.
Last week I brought a heart shaped quartz crystal back from the Tuscon gem show and gave it to a friend for her Zen room. We went on a hike together this morning and she told me that a couple of days after I gave it to her, she saw a piece on the news about a lady who collects heart shaped rocks and has lined her entire property with these beautiful stone symbols, found over the years.

And then my friend was hiking with another friend a couple days after (on the same trail). This friend told her about a spot on the trail where people place heart shaped rocks they've found on their rambles. I've been hiking this trail for a couple years now, on a pretty regular basis too, and never noticed! As we were talking, I looked down, and, what do you know? There, right under my feet, was a heart shaped rock. I picked it up to place it in the "heart shaped rock garden," which is right on the trail, for anyone to see and contribute to.

I've probably walked by the garden a hundred times without noticing. My heart shaped rock now resides along with the hundreds of other heart shaped rocks that people have found along that same trail.

Similarly, how many times, in our every day lives, do we not notice others doing random acts of love and kindness? If you look for it, it's all around. So many times we are too distracted or in too much of a hurry or just too busy to notice. In our current world (especially since the 2016 election), it's sometimes difficult to see beyond all the hatred and fear that seems to have taken hold of our country.

There are so many examples of love all around us, if we just take the time to notice. Most of the time, they just blend in with the ordinary rocks and, unless it's pointed out, we may walk right past and never notice.

Literally and figuratively, I intend to look for all of the heart shaped rocks, going forward.

Heart Shaped World – Chris Isaak

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