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Monday, March 13, 2017

Brain Salve

My fellow blogger, Michelle of Rubber Shoes in Hell, reminded me of the importance of Buffy.
I hang out with Buffy when I’m struggling the hardest. Buffy comforts me. I don’t even have to really watch because I’ve seen the episodes more times than is reasonable. I mean, I don’t think it gets into “super weird” territory, but at least a little weird.
Watching Buffy calms my brain.
Yes, same here. Why? it’s, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, a show about a young woman and her out-of-the-mainstream pals overcoming assholian fellow students, despotic authoritarian principals and town mayors and, of course, vampires and other assorted demonic entities.
An aside: is Mayor Wilkins the good daddy, non-pussy grabby version of Trump? Will the Con Man in Chief morph into a giant evil, humanity crushing lizard just like the mayor? Inquiring minds here and shit.
Watching a young woman and her chums triumph over evil gives me the teensiest shred of hope. Maybe we can too. I know that all I want to do today is pop in Buffy DVDs, pull Coco onto my lap and escape reality and responsibility.

I’ve been home from my beautiful, wonderful food and art mecca for a whole week now and my cold is finally starting to let up. Yea but this means it’s time for me to get my big ol' butt in gear.
After – will 45 look like this soon?
* I’ll finally get back to the Y today even if all I do is sit in the pool paddling my legs. Perhaps, afterwards, I’ll go stare wistfully at the elliptical.

* I’ll start in on my taxes. *sigh*

* Laundry will get done. *groan*

* Groceries will be bought and prescriptions refilled.

* I’ll check into the local Resist group – what’s up for this week? I know the One Million LGBTQ in Action rally is this Saturday and the March For Science is coming up in April. There are letter and postcard writing nights in the offing too.

Bad Willow was always my fave.
* I’m caught up, pretty sure of that, on the work front since I took my laptop to Berlin with me. The Women’s Business Connection, (a chapter of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce), is running seminars all day tomorrow for local high school girls. I’m supposed to be there with my paparazzi hat on BUT we’re also due for a blizzard. I really want to do this gig but me and Bix don’t function well at all in big bad snow. Harumph!

Ya know, all I honestly want to do is watch Buffy, pat the herd, sip honey-laced spiced Chai and dream of days spent on the couch, alongside my brill Amazing Bob, reading and watching cowboy movies. Not askin' for much here!
So then, where are, 20 years down the line, the Scooby crew?
What of Buffy's Da, Joss Whedon? Will we ever get another gorgeous piece of inspiring TV escapism?
“When I stopped to work on the election content, I was in the middle of writing a script about a Jewish woman during World War II,” Whedon said. “So weirdly enough, I don’t think I am going to have a problem getting back to that. I feel like the parallels are horrifying … It feels like the right thing to be working on.” (source)
Doesn't look like it BUT yuh never know.


  1. OMG I love this so much. It's like a warm comfy blanket. And thank you for the shout out!!!