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Friday, March 17, 2017

Broken Promises

To all the folks in depressed areas of the country who believed the Con Man in Chief when he swore he’d get all your coal and steel jobs back, when he promised that under HIS health plan everyone would be taken care of (and WAY better too!), when he said he’d make America great again – is this what you figured on?
Donald Trump is coming under fire for proposing a budget that includes the complete elimination of federal funding for Meals on Wheels programs.

Meals on Wheels provides food to the elderly, poor, veterans, disabled and others who often can’t leave their homes. (source)
Paul Ryan and his bullshit budget voodoo is, mega appropriately, known as the Zombie Eyed Granny Starver. Make no bleedin’ mistake though, it’s the whole damned party. If you vote Republican, you’re choosing a Logan’s Run-esque future but without all the fun.

Remember that movie?
It depicts a utopian future society on the surface, revealed as a dystopia where the population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by killing everyone who reaches the age of 30. (source)
I’m betting Trump and Ryan were big, big fans of this flick. It appears they saw it, Handmaid’s Tale  and 1984 as blueprints/action plans.

And, ya know, pardon me all to hell and back for not being 22 and pliant!

When you voted for this failed businessman, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a racist pedigree were you counting on a cabinet whose job description entails destroying the very departments under their charge?
Did you expect that White Nationalists (AKA the KKK with and without the stunning dress sense) and an actual, real Nazi sympathizer would be running the show while 45 struts, preens, tweets, plays make believe and golfs?
Donald Trump’s Deputy Assistant has angrily denied being anti-Semitic after he was spotted wearing a military medal associated with Hungarian Nazi sympathizers. (source)

Hah! Of course he does! That's not something you can cop to in public...YET.
Sebastian Gorka, who is of Hungarian descent but was born and raised in the UK, was pictured wearing the controversial badge at an inaugural ball for Mr Trump and several other events. (source)
Yeah, I wear this medal on very special occasions but I'm not a Nazi sympathizing, anti-semetic, diseased shitstain or anything. NO! Why would you think that!?

Oh and do you remember that Keystone XL pipeline thingie? Yeah, the one that white North Dakotans didn’t want going through THEIR neighbs but, ya know, poisoning *oopsie* the land and water of the poor, the brown and the poor browns is just the price of doin' business. Amiright or amight?

Jabba the Grifter said this is about JOBS and only American steel would be used.
"I said, 'Nope, it comes from the United States, or we're not building one.' American steel. If they want a pipeline in the United States, they're going to use pipe that's made in the United States." (source)
But wait, only 50% of the steel used in this travesty will come from U.S. mills
The requirement to use domestic steel posed a potential conflict between the administration's populist agenda and it's pro-business stance. Apparently, business won. (source)
This is broken promise number….what? Hard to keep track in’it? Do you feel GREAT again yet?

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