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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Clay and Luck

The art gods were with us yesterday. The plan was to hit the Keramik-Museum Berlin, which is relatively nearby, in the morning, followed by shopping and lunch at this fabulous Thai place.

We got to the museum, located in the sweetest, rambling cottage-like structure, around 11AM only to find them shut – they're open Friday through Monday from 1-5PM. Oof! As we stood at the front door discussing what now? the fairy tale-like door opened and a man (was it the gallery owner Heinz-Joachim Theis?) invited us on in. How cool was this?

Bears AND Elves!
Crowded museums (and I’ve a very loose concept of “crowded”) bug the shit outta me. I want to take my time over each piece, not feel like I've got to be all considerate of other art addicts – don't hog the view, move along, move along. This wonderful private viewing of the whole joint, was a great luxury.

There was a very cute and cool exhibit of clay bears.
Meister Petz & Co: ceramic bears in many different shapes
Presents abstract and true-to-life bear shows and bear-decorated everyday objects
Then a small retrospective of Inke and Uwe Lerch’s work.

And then we came upon an utterly brill room full of Japanese tea ceremony gear. It really knocked my socks off. (pics below)
More than 100 objects from the old and new Japan will be shown, as well as ceramics by Stephan Dunsbach, Martin Oskar Kramer and Thomas Riedinger from Berlin, who practice the tea route and follow the tradition of so-called laity ceramics in Japan. (source)

Pal Hillel, who owns/runs the cool tea tasting biz Tea Oasis, should have SO been there to goggle over all the wondrous tea bowls and such with me.

Oh, on the food front yesterday, the Thai lunch was wicked fab. Then for dinner Della made – didn't send out for but actually created in her very own kitchen – a brilliant Indian meal! For a total food prep putz, (moi!), this is utter magic and bliss.

Hmmm, I wonder if Della and Martin might consider adopting me.....

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  1. Holy matcha, Batman! Those chawan are gorgeous. Next time, take me with you!