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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Schizo Month of March

I was out errand-ing yesterday. It was a brilliantly sunny but cold afternoon. Swung by Lowes and found this – a bunch ‘o’ snow blowers followed by a line of happy summer's-almost-here grills. Yup, it’s mood disorder month.

Will I get to the gym before the worst of the snow and wind begins? I'll give it my finest effort – after all, between my brilliant Berlin vaca and that souvenir cold I came home with, I’ve not done laps or ellipticalization in two full weeks. Nae good. Nae good in spades.

Also, now that I’m back in the US, I’m seeing the Republican insanity way too fucking close up. Frankly, I could be on the far side of Alpha Centauri and that'd still be too damn close up to those prehensile 'tutes.

The Con Man in Chief claims (based on inane conspiracy theory mongering right wing nonsense purveyors) that Obama pulled off a “Nixon/Watergate” “tapp” on his phones at the Golden Tower. Yeah, there’s no evidence and it would seem obvs he’s pulling a standard shell game maneuver to distract us all from:
  1. his Russian connections,
  2. his destruction of the Departments of Education, Labor, H.U.D. and the EPA. Ya know, just fer starters.
  3. the spectacularly assholic barbarity, the colossal, greedheaded plundering that is the Republican Die NOW You Peasants Plan. (someone allowed it ought to be called the Republican Insurance Plan as it can easily and appropriately be called R.I.P. for short).
And of course his senior adviser, alt reality mouthpiece and Crypt Keeper defends the man vociferously with her usual poltroonish, diseased bullshit.
In an interview with the Bergen County Record on Sunday, Trump’s counselor claimed without evidence that the supposed wiretapping could have gone further and suggested that one method of surveillance could include “microwaves that turn into cameras.” (source)
Trump is obviously mentally ill which would just be sad if he weren’t the PRESIDENT of my damn country!
So boil it all down: We have a President who only believes something is true if it praises him. Everything else is fake news to him. Psychologists know what that is: It's a dangerous, pathological detachment from reality. (source)
And yet the entire Republican party continues to back him. Why? He’s useful. Not only is he distracting the citizenry from their ongoing elimination of the Middle Class, Trump’s totes in their court. He too wants nothing but slavering, fearful poors who’ll wait on him hand and foot for pennies a day (if that).

Will the Republican party smarten up before Trumpelthinskin unleashes nukes on, say, Switzerland because, mebbe, they refuse to cough up a fourth wifey for him (I think Melania will DQ him faster than McConnell and the Miscreants). I've no faith in the cravenly, rapacious, on-the-take predators.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Keep that day/date in mind. That's the next election. I damn well hope we can vote the corporatist shitstains OUT.

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