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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Week in Non-Cat, Non-Surgery News

I haven't been paying attention to the news this week (for obvs reasons) so what in fuck’s name HAS been happening?

* Dense Pence continues to see the grotesque horror show world of The Handmaid's Tale as his happy place to be made real and true. IF Trump's ever impeached and kicked off the island, we'll still have a vile, piece of shit, dead toad brained viper in the House.

Can we score an Impeach One and Get The Other One Dumped For Free card?

* Ivanka in the WH – the hell? The place wasn't already overrun by painfully unqualified idiots so a handbag and schmatta pusher's been added to the mix?

* 45's administration's so utterly corrupt, dimwitted and extreme that even my Blue Dog rep, Steve Lynch, refuses to meet and greet with him in his phony-as-hell reach across the aisle. Huh. End times in'n't ?

According to The Hill Lynch commented that:
“They said they were looking for ‘moderate’ Democrats — which I am. But under the circumstances I felt like they were trying to divide our party so I declined the invitation.”
and he thinks Trump's White House has "taken a 'scorched earth' approach so far.”
Yea you Rep Lynch. Either my rep does have a heart and a backbone OR he knows that if he doesn’t do the right thing RIGHT NOW, come November 2018, he could be out of his sweet job with the great health bennies.

* On March 27th 45's approval rating stood at 36% – he’s got a little ways to go before he enters G.W. territory (22% – the lowest rating for an outgoing president since Gallup began tracking this shit close to 80 years ago) Shrub, however, didn’t fall to those depths until late in his eight year reign of error. Trumplethinskin, in comparison, is in his 10th week.

* Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, told the FBI that he’s is willing to be interviewed regarding Trump’s Russia prob in exchange for immunity (source). Could truth, justice and the American way finally be breaking through? Will Trump's treasonous shenanigans be exposed? Will he be help accountable?

It’s unlikely Flynn’ll give away enough to nail the fat ass in the Oval Office BUT I can hope, eh?

Here’s something I’d like to know – was Comey colluding with Trump to steal the election? If so, what changed? He seems to be totally down with investigating the Criminal in Chief now. Did 45 stop sending the payola? Did he stiff Comey just like so many contractors and other employees before?
He (Comey) has acknowledged that the investigation into the links between the Trump team and the Kremlin started long before the US election.

But while the FBI director publicly intervened with the Clinton email declaration, he said nothing publicly about the Trump inquiry. (source)
Who knows what, if anything, will come from the investigations. Can I count on juicy, treasonous shit seeing the light of day? Will the bumbling, avaricious Republican squad respond with "hey, no big," as they have with everything else to date?

How about this?
Trump still owns his businesses, receiving items of value (Chinese trademarks, Saudi hotel bookings, Chinese renting space in Trump Tower) from foreign governments in apparent violation of the Constitution. (source)
Da fuck? How is this greedheaded grifter anywhere near the White House let alone the presidency? Oh yeah, the imbecilic, flea-brained and stratospherically myopic electoral college.

More coffee please!

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