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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taking My Own Advice

I'm paying attention here. I'm gonna go with what works – matinees and laps. As soon as this damn eye patch comes off (tomorrow!) and I can hit the gym once more (EIGHT more days *sigh*) I'm SO taking up residence at the Y and the Braintree movie theater (where every screening room has closed captioning and the seats are giant, comfy recliners).

Luckily it's the beginning of summer movie season. Here are the flicks I KNOW I’ve GOT to see:

Alien: Covenant
director Ridley Scott says that Alien: Covenant is the first in a planned trilogy that will directly link to his 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien. (source)
Nice smile!
The last Alien movie that I saw was Joss Whedon’s fabulous Alien: Resurrection which, for the basketball scene alone, I totally fucking loved. This new installment’s directed by Ridley Scott (who also directed the original and the most recent, Prometheus) so I’m expecting a trade off – less humor/more mind blowing visuals.

Opens May 19th.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword   because OF COURSE! I’m not expecting anything deep or inspiringly philosophical (like, ya know, Alien!) but I’m figuring this for a nice piece of escapism.
Also too, you can tell it’s gonna be all Hollywood-true-to-the-period-cool because Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) rocks a deep tan, washboard abs and a lot of dirt in his sexy promo pics.

Opens May 12th.
Wonder Woman 
created by William Moulton Marston, who envisioned her as the ideal love leader and the type of woman who should rule the world with the strength of Superman and the appeal of a good and beautiful woman. (source)
It’s nice to see that the movie makers have dispensed with Lynda Carter’s ridiculous kitten heels but are two inch wedgies really an improvement? (hint: NO!) Also, what’s with the skin sucking metal Miss Universe-wear? Yes, it looks way more rugged, gritty and substantial than Lynda Carter’s Miss America bathing suit but, GEEZ, Batman and Superman (same designer) at least got to armor up their clavicles and thighs.

In any case, I can’t wait. LOVE Wonder Woman! Also, I’d like to wrap Trump, McConnell, Ryan and Pence with the Lasso of Truth and ask some VERY pointed question with a worldwide audience watching.

Opens June 2nd.

All Eyez On Me – this is a bio flick about rapper, record producer, actor and poet Tupac Shakur. I'd no idea that he was all these things. While totes familiar with his name, all I knew about him was that he was handsome as all hell. Dead too. The more I read, the more interested I am.

Opens June 16th.

Despicable Me because I totes need silly animation flicks in my life. Of course!

Opens July 9th.

The first on the list doesn't open for two and a half more weeks (!!groan!!). What am I gonna do until then?!!


  1. I don't see many movies in movie theaters these days. I've seen some of the the old reboots - Star Wars and Mad Max, basically - in recent years, which means that Alien is probably the likely candidate for me of the ones listed.

    But who knows? I could find a friend who likes to see movies...

    1. I hadn't gone for a long time but then found the Braintree complex which is just incredible. Sadly, they tend to just get the blockbusters. The smaller indie theaters and 2nd run houses don't generally have closed captioning :-(

  2. Aha, a fellow Alien Resurrection enthusiast! That movie was full of the kind of extravagant science-fiction weirdness I like to see, and it looked like Sigourney Weaver had a blast doing it, but like Ghost in the Shell, it may have been a bit too weird for American audiences. The director was a French surrealist, of course, who also did Amélie, another favorite of mine.

    I was somewhat impressed with Prometheus right after seeing it, but in hindsight it's a mess. Nothing makes much sense and it's completely scientifically illiterate, which I'm not able to ignore. I'm guardedly optimistic about Covenant based on the trailer, but even Sir Ridley is going to have to work extra hard to make an Alien movie work without Weaver.

    Hope your recovery is going well!

    1. YES! Resurrection was fascinating on so many levels. I liked Amélie a lot too.

      A Weaverless Covenant – I hadn't thought about that. Hmmmm.