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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Next Day

Sunrise on the way in to Mass Eye and Ear
Prep room view – thrilling, no?
Yesterday’s surgery was pretty mellow all in all. The prep team was fab. They were efficient, pleasant and all came equipped with senses of humor. Never did get my martini though. They thought I was kidding maybe?

The anesthesiologists (I got two!) were unexpectedly cool. Normally I get these bloodless old boys in bad suits who look like they'd rather be anywhere else (sorry man, is my pesky craniotomy  getting in the way of yur golf game?). Both of yesterday's gassers were wonderfully present women. Stylish too. One had a platinum bob and wore Buddy Holly glasses. Too awesome and just what I needed before going down for the count.

And now I've entered the annoying part of recovery. I can't eat or drink anything acidic, spicy or hard edged as the good cutter used tissue from the roof of my mouth clue but it has something to do with my eyelid.

This means that, while I can have yogurt, I can't add in almonds or walnuts and NO GRANOLA or anything else that's not soft and squishy. Plain yogurt it is and, goodness how totally fucking DULL. I can have mashed potatoes, oatmeal, noodles, broth as long as it's cooled (nothing hot *sigh*). Essentially, all boring food is AOK. Joy. This MUST be my doc's plan to help me lose weight. Nicely played Doctor Yoon. Also no coffee – too acidic. Jesus, I may not survive this!
Jen's view from the 7th floor cafeteria

Last night for dinner, Jen, wonderfully creative babe that she is, made me a scrambled spinach and Brussels sprouts dish and it was amazing. Dunno what she did, how she seasoned it but WOW. Of course it was incredible – brill cooking is built into the McMurrer DNA. OK so maybe, with Jen's cooking, I'll survive this after all.

Still miss coffee (she whines, scuffing her toe into the rug).

The usual post hospital sleep bullshit is on me too. That is, I got so much rack time both during and after surgery that my first night at home was generally all wakey-wake. Yes, I know, I can nap today. whine. snivel, ketch

Next item of annoyance, Y workouts are verboten for the week (or was it two?). Exercise is my anti-depressant, my mood lifter, my de-crankifier. It clears my sinuses and keeps me from attaining Jabba-esque dimensions. This is so gonna suck!

Yup, I'm gonna be a total bloody joy to be around for the next week or so.

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