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Thursday, April 13, 2017

What's Up?

A fern on which to meditate instead of reading the news.
What’s been happening since I’ve been doing the surgery/recovery shuffle?

That border wall? Congressman Raúl Grijalv along with the Center for Biological Diversity have filed a suit in Arizona. They want the government to perform a thorough a environmental impact analysis before starting this atrocity is built.
“What we learned about the border wall in the past 10 years is that it’s hugely expensive, it doesn’t work, and it does a tremendous amount of damage,” Serraglio said. “The people in the United States have the right to know what the damage is going to be, what it’s going to cost, and whether it’s going to be effective. Those are questions the Trump administration is not interested in answering.”
IF they (we) win, the research and review could take years – so long that 45 might just be nothing more than a horrorshow memory, a sordid stain. His stupid wall will be nothing more than a geez, can you believe that asswipe tried to do this?!
All of the Federation is tired of the Mango and his minions
United airlines is apparently very bad at math and miserable at problem solving. If they were gonna pay volunteers $800 to change to a different flight, why couldn’t they pay another carrier to transport their four customer bumping employees? Wouldn’t that be a win/win? Keep your customers happy AND shift your worker bees?

Another passenger, different flight/different location but similar overbooking circumstance, was threatened – he’d be handcuffed if he didn’t move from first class (which is the ticket he’d paid for) to economy. Why? He was told they needed the seat for somebody more important who came at the last minute. Great way to foster repeat business – tell your customers that you don't value them enough to fulfill your end of the contract.

Practiced in multiple levels of stupidity,  just last month they began enforcing a Handmaid’s Tale type of dress code.
United Airlines barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight on Sunday morning and required a child to change into a dress after a gate agent decided the leggings they were wearing were inappropriate.(source)
They were traveling with their father who was wearing “shorts that did not hit his knee — they stopped maybe two or three inches above his knee — and there was no issue with that.”

This, THIS is what Trump is raining on America. The rich are light years more important and we should all be putting their needs above our own. Also too, women should be covered at all times except for in porn. Of course.
Sean Spicer let his utter imbecility and inhumanity slip…again.

When asked for clarification:
he inexplicably made a bad situation worse by arguing that Hitler didn’t gas “his own people,” and appearing to downplay the use of chemical weapons because they weren’t used on a battlefield but rather on civilians in concentration camps, which he referred to as a “Holocaust center.” (source)
So Spicy, does this mean that if Trump gassed a bunch of poors or Muslims or Jews or browns or disableds that’d be AOK because we aren’t “his own people?” We’re fellow citizens but not white, rich, christianist or healthy enough to count?

Maybe, if Spicer gets the ax (unlikely given von Clownstick's obscene leanings) he could get a job with United. Seems like a perfect fit, no?
Hillel, who's been babysitting me, just suggested that, given my whole recovery state, I don’t need to pay attention to the news. In fact, for a smoother rehab, I probably shouldn’t.

Yeah, he makes a fine point.


  1. After Trump is impeached, Pence (who isn't as crazy, or rather is crazy in completely different ways) will probably quietly shelve the wall project. Illegal immigration from Mexico has been net negative (more people going back than coming in) for more than a decade anyway, due to the booming Mexican economy, now growing twice as fast as ours. If the Republicans ever do get their act together and enact their economic policies, soon we'll probably see Americans sneaking into Mexico looking for jobs.

    If Trump really wants to stop people from entering the country, he should require that all incoming flights be handled by United.

    1. Hah, great idea! I wonder how long United has left to live. They seem determined to go under.

  2. United had better switch into PR mode pretty quickly here. Merely clrifying that they "hadn't actually overbooked" and then leaking fake news stories abotu the doctor probably aren't their best options. This stuff could actually sink a company, and especially a company which no one really liked using to begin with...

    1. I'm anticipating corporate death notices soon. Either that or ads for GIANT sales. Boston to Berlin for $10? Awesome but no.