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Monday, May 1, 2017


Yup, I've got the Fish Cheer in my head this morning.

There were 7,000 people at Trump’s rally, eagerly gobbling up more of his crude, hate filled shell game.
“Their priorities are not my priorities, and not your priorities,” Mr. Trump said to a sea of supporters, many in familiar red “Make America Great Again” caps. “If the media’s job is to be honest and tell the truth, the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade,” he said, adding that they were “very dishonest people.” (source)
Gee, you grotesque, double-dealing orange shitstain, YOU are the one who deserves a failing grade AND jail time.
Still, Mr. Trump’s thumb in the eye to the reveling press corps felt a bit manufactured. He spent much of the past week giving interviews to the same reporters he was to snub on Saturday night, including Jeff Mason of Reuters, who serves as president of the Correspondents’ Association. (source)
The vast majority of his fans still don’t get that he’s playing them all for low rent suckers.

That "BIG, HISTORIC" tax overhaul that he’s touting?  The one he says is gonna be GREAT for us working class types? Yeah, not so much.
Trump himself stands to gain tens of millions: This plan would be a windfall for Trump. He pays taxes for his businesses through the income tax code, so his plan would slash his own tax liability potentially in half, saving himself tens of millions of dollars. (source)
On top of that, his buddy, Mr. Zombie Eyed Granny Starver. plans to make sure we pay Richie Rich’s taxes every damn day when we go to the store for little things like, ya know, FOOD.
Part of how House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted to pay for this (and it would still only be part) was through what's formally called a border-adjustment tax, or BAT. It's basically an import tax. But the Trump administration's early embrace of the BAT landed them in political hot water. Why? An import tax would mean a lot of things Americans buy at grocery and retail stores would go up. (source)
Like avocados? Tylenol’s your pain reliever of choice? The clothes you buy are generally made overseas? Get ready to pay a lot more for them.

Only 3% of the dupes who voted for the Grifter in Chief, regret their vote. This after all his flip flopping and broken promises.

Think Progress has a listing – he’s broken 80 of his promises SO FAR and we’ve just past his hundredth day. Politifact has a “Trumo-o-meter” tracking 102 of 45’s biggest promises from building the wall (and making Mexico pay for it) to getting rid of the ACA to bringing coal mining gigs back and using only US steel in all pipelines.  He also said that he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Social Security. Yeah, I’m not counting on him honoring his word there either.

Those Trump fans are learning averse in the extreme, eh? Too bad their willful ignorance fucks us all over, not just themselves.

What promises has 45 kept?
  • He got a Scalia-like asswipe on the Supreme Court.
  • There may never be a wall but he’s working on ousting the so-called “bad hombres. “ Or is he? Of the 675 immigrants picked up for deportation, half had either no criminal record OR their biggest offense were traffic violations. (source)
“We are keeping [it] open ... and we're gonna load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we're gonna load it up.”
With who? We’re not at war (at the moment but, ya know, with 45’s poll numbers and insane temperament, I expect a lot more wagged dogs in our future) so who’s he planning on sticking in there? Where are his "bad dudes” gonna come from? As of March 23rd, there were 41 prisoners remaining (five of them have already been approved for release). Of those 41, there are 26 who, according to a Trump dictate, will be held in indefinitely, without charge or trial.

At peak occupancy, Gitmo held 780 prisoners. The annual cost of keeping Gitmo open? $445 million. Gosh, that’s a lot of Meals on Wheels there, in’it?

On April 19th, Ladbrokes had the odds of 45 leaving office before the end of this already horrifically destructive term, at dead even. Now, RIGHT NOW, would be more better.

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  1. Look at how those who partake in the system whine about the outcome.

    "Working within the system means to become a part of the system. When you go into the voting booth, the only meaningful significance that your action will have is to show that one more person supports the state". ~Mark Davis

    Look at how those who choose to partake in the system whine about the outcome.