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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lost in the High Crankies AGAIN!

I’m just NOT ready to face the day. Hell, I’m still on my very first cuppa joe. dammit. Actually, even fully caffeinated, I doubt I'd be all up and at 'em. I’ve been thoroughly UNready for a couple weeks now.


Every fresh death re-ignites the barely dozing horror and deep blue woe of The Amazing Bob’s death. I’m now officially declaring a moratorium on croak-age.

Nota fucking bene: I WILL NOT accept any more deceasements (‘cept of the Roger Ailes variety)!!!
This pronunciamento holds rock solid fast for the foreseeable future. Hell, don’t even think about getting sick! Dammit.

Adding to my not-nearly-coffeed-up-enough state, it’s been fucking blisteringly hot here. Wednesday the temps reached 93 motherfucking degrees and on Thursday they soared to 96!!! This is May not July. This is Boston not Phoenix. Dammit! Yesterday was a SLIGHTLY less brutal 89º – still not in the bearable range. I can’t think or function (least not to my usual mega awesome levels!) in this heat. It’s why, in part, I moved from fucking Houston to Boston all those eons ago.
I was used to heat but this place was so dry the trees were bribing the dogs.
~ Irvine Welsh, If You Liked School, You'll Love Work
Also inflaming my all too quick to ignite ire – It seems that NOT ONE BLASTED DAY goes by without President Asstune slamming his tiny schwanz (and US credibility) in the door.
The President Asterisk won’t be asking for political asylum while he’s in Saudi Arabia, because he’s not competent enough to understand that this whole ‘Russiagate’ thing might be too big for him to skate away from. Wouldn’t come as a real surprise if one or more of Lord Smallgloves’ inner circle dropped out of sight during the traveling circus, though…(source)
While he's too stupid to be a flight risk, what state secrets will he give away, what horrifically crude, offensive and embarrassing things will he say, whose daughter will he grab by the pussy?
The law enforcement investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign has identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest, showing that the probe is reaching into the highest levels of government, according to people familiar with the matter. (source)
Could that current White House official be Jared Kushner? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

With all this – death, heat and the White House insanity, my concentration is like soap bubbles blown in a force ten gale.

Concentration is the secret of strength.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes Ralph but what is the secret of concentration? Oh wait, I KNOW, I KNOW, I need to buy big, BIG stretcher bars, tack a bunch cotton duck over it, prime the shit outta that sucker and paint BIG. OR I can start the cherry tree painting on my bedroom walls. Hell’s bells, I could do both!

‘scuse me now, I’m off to the gym. Maybe I can elliptical off some of this crankiness?

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