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Saturday, June 3, 2017

All About the Girl

Coco displays her claws so's we know she's a serious, lethal kitten
My little princess is full of beans (jumping ones that is) this morning. I think she knows it’s her day – Caturday. She's zipping from one end of our wee cottage to the other – up the stairs and down. She pauses when halfway up, turns her head to give me SUCH a look. Clearly she’s asking/demanding, What?! WHY aren’t you following me???

Of course, her manic, freewheeling, frolickment might be solely due to her *ahem* having downloaded new software. She’s always a a real dynamo post-poop.

I may’ve already mentioned this – Coco is a brill communicator. Mon petit lion adamantly stands at the basement door – she’s letting me know that it’s time to explore the basement. It’s a fascinating place for her, filled with new, different shelves to clamber, tables to scale, a washer and dryer to examine and myriad canvases to smell. So many unfamiliar flavors to scent and new dark corners to check out! Spider webs – SQUEEEE! 

Also too, she’s generally allowed to visit the cellar unsupervised. Our girl gets to play the big, independent, adventuring pioneer. She loves this just as long as chin skriches, treats and cozy laps are immediately available upon her return.

Lately, while we sit in bed reading, her highness has been real keen on sniffing my eyeballs. 'the Hell? Is she acting on doctor’s orders, performing post-post surgery exams? Possibly she’s just savoring the scent of the new eye drops?

So then, today is Coco Day. We'll have a walk around the yard later...maybe sit on the porch as long as she promises not to go all Houdini on me. Yeah, I never learn.
Coco, at the basement door, hears the cellar spider's siren song.

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