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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


It’s been in the 90s for a few days now. Yes, I know this is nothing compared to what Jenny has to deal with out in Phoenix. Out there, late spring temps are usually in the 100s. OUCH! I don’t know how she stands it but then, she probably wonders how I deal with 0º, snowbound winters (sweaters, heavy coats and boots – you can always put on more clothing but there’s only so much ou can take off).

In any case, took a beautifully restorative dawn walk on Nantasket this morning. There was a cool breeze coming off the water and the water was nicely cold on my tootsies. That was at 5AM. It’s now 88. *sigh*

This past Sunday, Jen and I visited her Uncle Bob at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (where they have grand mas AC!). He’s battling cancer and, late last week, it knocked him down with a dirty jab to the gut. The good docs and nurses are taking brill care of him and he’s beginning to come back from the brink. In fact, he asked Jen yesterday if he could borrow my walker (which I haven’t needed in more than 10 years) and The Amazing Bob’s old medical issue walking cane. That he feels he’ll get up and walk around soon is AWESOME.

Uncle Bob's view
After our Sunday visit both Jen and I were feeling pretty low. Uncle Bob and Jen have always been close. It’s mega hard to see him in such dire, crap shape. Me? Being at the hospital, sitting with UB (I’m wild about him too), brings up so many memories of where I was at this time last year.

So, what’d we do? We decided to treat ourselves to LUNCHIE and VINO! Where to go though? We wanted comfort food and surroundings so stopped, of course, at Froggies. Sadly, they only do a brunch buffet until one and it was just noon – we jetted. The buffet’s a beaut if you’re a carnivorous carb loader but otherwise, not so much.

Next stop was Louis where we figured on their fab fish tacos with our adult bevs. Woulda been grand BUT there was just one person workin’ the floor and, even if we were all flame on, she wouldn’t have stopped to toss a cuppa H2O our way. After waiting at least five minutes without so much as a be right with you, Jen got her attention. Know what happened? Twatzilla fucking snarled at her! Seriously – snarled. Ya know, I get it – you’re angry that Sue or John banged in but DO NOT take that out on us! NOT today, not evah! I only mention it but, when we bagged, there weren’t more than ten people in the joint. This was one seriously shitty multi-tasker as well as being severely customer service impaired. Might be better suited for...emmm...erm...oh, who the fuck knows.

So then, two down. Christ on flatbread, all we wanted was wine and fish – why was this so damn hard?

Too beat, cranky and sad to drive far or face the crowds at Marina Bay, we stopped at Sparkle Boys (AKA Grumpy’s). We figured they’re open, service is always good, their house reds include a nice pinot noir and, while the food’s meh, it’s decent enough. It was all these things plus GREAT AC.

One funny – they had a new food promo tent on all the tables. For what? DEEP FRIED TWINKIES! Yes, mega hurl. This, THIS is why Sparkle Boy's is a last, not first, choice.

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