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Monday, July 3, 2017

Just curious, etc.

OK, rememeber how Moses (I’m talkin’ about the Bible dude NOT the jazz man here) came down from Mount Sinai with God’s Ten Little Life Hacks all neatly carved in stone? 

In the movie, (which is a real, true and faithful historical document, right?!?) pre-mountain climb, Moses was all dark haired. Specifically, our man was dark haired and molto studly. Afterward though, he’s rockin’ a shock of white and his long ass beard’s gone frosty too. Do you think, mebbe, his pubes blanched as well? Just curious, and shit.

Plus, I only mention it but our boy's skinsuit went from a lovely deep toast color to kinda pasty. What's up with that? Seeing and/or speaking with God(s) rips the melanin clean out of a person? This seems suspiciously Mormon-y.

And, if all this wasn't enough, it looks like Moses put on a few pounds up there on Sinai. So then, God’s high in calories too?! Sheesh!

This Moses contemplation shit naturally puts Mose Allison's tremendous tune, Your Molecular Structure, in mind.  OK, it’s also playing on the old internal hi-fi because it's that time of year.

In our early courting days, The Amazing Bob made me a mix tape which featured that sweet, sexy song front and center. Jesus, my TAB was a charm talkin,’ romantic thriller!
Your molecular structure is really somethin' fine
A first-rate example of functional design
That cosmic undulations is steady comin' through
Your molecular structure baby, me and you

Your cellular organization is really something choice
Electro-magnetism 'bout to make me lose my voice
Got all my circuits open, my system's reading "go"
Your cellular organization baby, stop the show

Your molecular structure is really somethin' swell
A high-frequency modulated Jezebel
Thermodynamically you're gettin' to me
Your molecular structure baby, ooh wee!

Ooh wee!
And here are the lyrics to that first Allison song link. Yur welcome.
Your Mind Is On Vacation

You're sitting there yakkin' right in my face
I guess I'm gonna have to put you in your place
Y'know if silence was golden
You couldn't raise a dime
Because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is
Working overtime

You're quoting figures, you're dropping names
You're telling stories about the dames
You're always laughin' when things ain't funny
You try to sound like you're big money
If talk was criminal, you'd lead a life of crime
Because your mind is on vacation and your mouth is
Working overtime

You know that life is short and talk is cheap
Don't be making promises that you can't keep
If you don't like the song I'm singing, just grin and
Bear it
All I can say is if the shoe fits wear it
If you must keep talking please try to make it rhyme
'Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working


  1. Love Mose Allison, and love these photos of Bob

    1. :-) Bob didn't take one bad pic in his entire life.