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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Eyeball Day – Update

After –  Can I go home NOW!
Before – cracking wise w/the techs
I'm home and, finally, up from the world's longest nap. I feel certain the mammoth siesta was as much about the damn cold I'm rockin' as surgery stress and the mega meds they pumped into me.

Just a minor point but I could've done with a bit more eyeball numbing. I actually felt the knife at times and, boyhowdy, that's no goddamned fun. I managed to – loudly, I believe – bark *OUCH* in hopes they'd cut that shit right out.

Ya know, the knife surprised me. I thought this was all done with magic lasers and fairy dust now. Nope. Also too, I thought this was supposed to be a lickety-split-blink-and-ya-miss-it procedure. I wasn't at the mercies of the good cutter's scalpel for hours or anything but it wasn't the Speedy Gonzales episode I'd hoped for. My follow up with Doc Davies early tomorrow morning. I'll ask wut up then.

By the by, she gave me a thumbs up before I was wheeled to recovery so I guess that means I still have two eyeballs. YEA ME!!!
Jen and I leave in 15 minutes for MGH and my very first cataract surgery. Do I know how to sparkle up a Wednesday or WHAT?

I'm still rockin' a bit of a cold but it doesn't seem too heinous. REALLY hoping the docs don't tell me "oh no, sorry – we can't slice you up if you've got the sniffles." That would totally mega blow – I do NOT want to put this off. I've been dreading it for months. I've done all my pre-surgery prep (no wine for a week now!) and am ready to go.

I asked Jen yesterday, "if I lose the eye will I still be able to drive?" I hate driving but, living out here on the Neck, it kinda comes in handy. And, yes, I'm being all skittishly, fearful and dramatic. Dirty job, someone's got to do it and all that.

She assured me that I wouldn't be short a peeper. OK, maybe I'll just say that I can't drive anymore.

Worry is a misuse of imagination.
~ Dan Zadra

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.
~ Helen Keller


  1. I wish you all the best today! I'm betting the doctors know what they're doing.

  2. See you soon 😁 What you get back I'll tell the funniest thing you've ever heard 😏