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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Tuesday: Windy with heavy snow and white-outs. Travel will be difficult/unadvisable from early morning to late afternoon. Gusts up to 60 along the coast. Low 30s.
We’re due for at least a foot of snow – maybe as much as two.

This time around I’m taking the weather sensationalists more seriously. Mind you, last time around, just 11 days ago, I took them for realies enough to make sure all my flashlights had batteries and there was food in the house. I wasn't a total grasshopper, don'cha know.

This time, knowing we Neckas will once again be islandized/unable to leave at high tide, I stocked up on cat food (including tuna OF COURSE – only the best for my kitten!), wine, books and make-me-happy food to buoy my mood. Happy grub includes tofu maklouba, stuffed grape leaves, a big ol’ eggplant and a bag of Brussels sprouts to stir fry. Hey, you get your food jollies your way, I’ll get mine MY way. K?

Reading matter includes Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky. I just read her short story collection, Six Months, Three Days, Five Others and enjoyed the hell out of her surreal, brain-sparking and witty tales.

As Good As New tells the story of the last person left alive after a nuclear apocalypse. She's a theater critic who finds and opens the bottle of a wish fulfilling ex-playwright genie.

Interstate is the chronicle of a broke, dying mad-scientist who’s spent much of his life replacing his body parts with brilliantly functioning, infinitely valuable substitutes. His many children discuss which part(s) they might inherit. There’s more to it but that’s the underlying freaky thread.

The Fermi Paradox is Our Business Model
explores, amongst other things, the dangers of affairs with workmates – particularly when you live for thousands of years and travel the galaxies.

If I get through All the Birds in the Sky, I’ve got the second installment of Gary Gibson’s Shoal Sequence series to dive into. I'm rich with reading matter,

I'm also nervous but, since I can't control the weather (YET!) and am housebound until the worst passes, I may as well enjoy myself. The larder’s full up, I’ve got vino, a fab Coleman lantern, ultra warm clothes have been laid out (including woolen hat and second pair of socks) in case the heat craps out again PLUS there's that warm, affectionate cat 'o' mine. Preparedness leads to zenness, just FYI and shit.

There'll be a lot of the white, wet stuff BUT it won’t last. The ten day forecast only has us dipping below freezing only at night. YEA!


  1. Hope you're right about it not lasting. My experience (with what little snow we get) is that it can be damnably persistent.

    Here it seems like our ambient temperature just jumped from 40 to 70 with no intervening period of being comfortable. I guess we just skipped spring and went straight to summer.

    I'm sure teh moggy will appreciate being well provisioned.

    1. Thanks!
      All snow "events" are compared to that 3 years past snowmageddon winter. We weren't fully free of the white stuff until July. This will be easier/better. Fingers crossed!

      40 to 70 without stops in between? Eesh!

    2. Was even more dramatic over here on the east side, though the numbers the same. I did five miles in my kayak.

    3. I've not kayaked in a zillion years. Jen and Oni recently bought a small one – if spring ever gets here I'll take it out for a spin.