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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trash defines White Trash as:
a member of the class of poor whites, especially in the southern U.S.
poor whites collectively.
The Urban dictionary says it’s:
A derogatory term typically used for southern white people. Traits of white trash include a bent towards chauvinism, racism, bigotry, conservatism, protestant Christianity, country music and beer.
Me? Take out the southern and poor notes and you’ve got how I think of and use the term.

Fer instance, Trump and his crime family – total White Trash. Yeah sure, his NYC penthouse is lined in gold but, ya know, paint’s cheap. His kids may dress in expensive clothes (and look better in them than their corpulent, Cheeto hued pater) but breeding (and genetic endowment) tells.

The only real difference between the Palins and the Trumps is legacy – that is, 45 and his spawn have always soaked in the BIG bucks. Their white trash-dom is coated with a to-the-manor-born veneer of respectability. The Palins don’t have that. Sure, they’re rolling in dough now but they had to work hard to become such infamous trash.

To a degree, I blame John McCain for Trump. He gave a huge platform and megaphone to that ignorant, bomb throwing, racist piece of turbid brain matter – that xenophobe in stilettos. Without that opening, Trump may’ve stayed in his Fox (Faux) “News,” Breitbart and Infowars addicted, insanely bigoted and reality averse fever swamp.

Is McCain responsible for the mainstreaming of bigotry? Nope but he brought it, unfiltered and dripping in appallingly smug venom, onto the national stage. 

Palin’s horrifically ill brought up children have long been overshadowing their mother's histrionic calls for uncivil war. There’s her abstinence-for-thee-but-not-for-me, mother of three daughter and her domestic violence prone son.

Maybe, in addition to the born with bucks thing, what makes the Palin hatchlings such obvs White Trash and the Trump spawn seem all upper crusty are their styles of brutality. Trumplings prefer murdering elephants, kudu, civet cats, crocodiles and waterbucks whereas the Palinettes just like to wildly threaten and beat the crap out of each other and fellow party goers.

Perhaps the refinement-veneer dearth will change now that 45 has made Sarah the Ambassador to Nambia? (Thank you Mister Borowitz!) Seriously though, why hasn't Trump made Palin head of something? Why not the EPA? Surely she could be as recklessly hostile to the environment as Scott Pruitt. Or maybe he could make up something new, just for her – how about Department of English. You know, so she can thoroughly destroy the language – just like Betsy DeVos trying kill public education, Ben Carson, making sure HUD can discrimiate and Wall Street bankster Mnuchin tranforming the Treasury so they can boot 90 year olds out of their homes over 27¢ bills.

Ah well, there's still time and the White House does have a revolving door.


  1. If you'de care to guest post this at my house, I'll toss you the keys.

    1. I'd love to, thanks!

      You can send the "keys" to Donna dot Maderer at gmail. 😀

  2. Fer instance, Trump and his crime family – total White Trash. Yeah sure, his NYC penthouse is lined in gold but, ya know, paint’s cheap.

    I heard that Saddam Hussein had a solid-gold toilet. Trump is the kind of person who would have something like that. Tawdry is tawdry no matter how much money it costs.

    Palin made Trump possible, as Quayle made Palin possible. Each level of dumbth that gets normalized paves the way for the next step downward.

    McCain was one of the few decent Republicans. I really doubt he would have chosen Palin as his running mate if he'd known what she was like (it was a decision made in haste with minimal vetting). She certainly didn't do his election chances any good.

    1. Yeah, I can see the thread, the rope, leading from Quayle to Palin. *sigh* We'd have to go to Nuget or Chachi to get lower than 45.

      Trump DOES have gold-plated sink (but not toilet) – it's in his private jet.

      McCain hasn't been decent in such a long time. He voted Bush party line 95% of the time. He, now, talks a good game but rarely wavers from voting the line (voting with Trump 83% of the time).

  3. And then theres this ...

    White nationalist Matthew Heimbach made headlines in 2016 for his organization’s racial hostility and for shoving a protester at a Trump rally.

    On Tuesday, it was his personal life that made the news after Heimbach was charged with assaulting his wife and his wife’s stepfather, Matt Parrott, who is also co-founder of Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party. The organization is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a new white nationalist group masking itself in “traditionalism.”

    About 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, Parrott, 36, called police from a Walmart in Paoli, Ind., according to a police report obtained by the SPLC. Parrott told police he had fled to the Walmart after a confrontation with Heimbach, who had allegedly been involved in an affair with Parrott’s wife. The stepdaughter told police that the affair had lasted three months but had recently ended.

    1. The guy was having an affair with his wife's mother? And his wife hasn't left him AND her mother?

      These folks seem like real Trump voting winners.

    2. I think his wife was bonking her step-father. I think. Not sure I want to know.