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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Buckets of Rain

Coco, in her basement safe-from-the-storm space
I dreamed Coco was sitting on the bed, ready to wake my lazy ass up. Right by her side was another tux – a kitten. Our princess, who’s always made it clear that she prefers to be singular, was fine and ducky with this new resident feline. In fact, they were clearly a team.

I was thrilled…and doomed. With two adorable cats in da houz I would never get out ‘cept to buy food, treats and litter. Of course.
By the by, apparently there was a BIG thunderstorm last night. Coco was not happy and, this morning, seems to have a stress hangover – doesn’t want to be held (TRÈS unusual), needs to sniff around all the corners (while I watch – she wants to show me something but WHAT?) and now she’s down in the basement (possibly mixing up the medicine).
And Umlaut, who’s, generally, dependably punctual, hasn’t shown up for brekkie. I’m guessing he’s still in his own storm hideout.
I dreamed I was a game tester and LOVED my job. It was the bestest gig in the universe! But I’d forgotten my password and the company’s IT wizard was being unhelpful to say the least and THEN he left for a long lunch!

Dandelions – such happy flowers. My favorites!
Wut up and shit?

AND how can you mend a broken heart?

I don’t know, of course, if this link features the Gibb with the particularly wet warbly voice. I hated that tune when it came out but….but…I understood it. And now it’s on perma play in my bean. Yes, you should now feel SO sorry for me!
And how can you mend a broken heart?

How can you stop the rain from falling down?

How can you stop the sun from shining?

What makes the world go round?
When does the pain of losing The Amazing Bob end. I know. I know…never. I'll just learn to live with this weight. There is no miracle pill, no quick fix. I have this pain because I had SO MUCH joy for so many years.

The bill came due. Gosh, anyone care for a fresh cuppa pathos? I seem to have buckets to share.

I need to apply some serious balm but what would that be? What would it look like? According to my sleepy-time peregrinations, it’s a kitten but, despite my dream, I honestly don’t think Coco would be happy about a new roommate.

My first appointment with the mouth physical therapist is this morning – 9AM. MAYbe, I’ll have my embouchure back in short-ish order and I’ll be able to play the flute again.

I’ve pretty much given up on cello since no one’s responded to my queries and requests. Ya know, help a late deafened broad in her efforts to possibly regain music. But NOOOOO. STRONZI – the lot of them!

Just a small point but, if I gotta have a tune about endless metaphoric, haunting rain, why can't it be this one, hmmmmmm?!

Buckets of Rain – Bob Dylan


  1. I knew you were gonna' do that, but I clicked on it anyways 😏 There's a history.

    Was trying to tell someone old enough to know just the other day that the Bee-Gees were pretty good before disco. In an Australian folk trio sort of way, not unlike the Seekers (Georgie Girl). Saturday Night Fever ruined them. And I too am not enamored of Broken Heart. Have been having a hard time recalling (more accurately calling into memory) the one tune from back them, 69 - 70, that I did like.

    It's rainin' on the high desert.

    1. Got any pictures of your high desert rainy landscape? Would love to see what you're seein'.

      I Started a Joke – damn that was one sad song. Did they have any other pre-disco hits? Also, I confess, though I was no disco queen, Stayin' Alive rang my bell.

      Georgie Girl has now displaced the Bee Gees. THANK YOU!

  2. Came to me, couple hours ago. Happy that I don't actually have to listen to it to hear it. That's enough.

    Was a summer camp up in the Blues, mountains (of course), lake, marina, touroristy place with boats, beach and a snack bar, with a juke-box, the only song on it not-redneck I Started A Joke, which got a lot of play. All summer. Fifty years ago. Damn.

    And still the rain kept pouring ...

    Pretty drab here in town. I've got grandkid duty so what I'm seeing is Peanut and the puppies.

    1. How old are the grands? I’ve got 3 — 10, 12 and *gasp* 22.

      Amazing you came out of that Bee Gee summer with sanity intact 😁

      I recall, one of my carnie years, hearing nothing but Dust in the Wind all summer long. Jesus, I went and found the Trabant jock a copy of Dark Side of the Moon and BEGGED him to give it a chance.

  3. Not sure that I did!

    Now they run from 4 to 14. Couple fourish/five, couple eightish/nine, my now oldest grandson turns eleven tomorrow (moved to Minnesota last fall and today when he got home from school his dad was there!) and a fourteen year old as self-possessed as her little sister. We lost one six months ago next week, and the first twenty (damn) years ago. From three of my four surviving kids. Multiply that out by a factor of three and you'll have an idea of the other grandparents, nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and nephews, a great grand-nephew and of course great grampa, crotchety old fart that make up the "family" to which I am Patriarch Apparent. Pretty good for the bastard nobody wanted, aeh 😤!?

    If I ever hear Dust in the Wind again it will be too son.

    1. This is awesome.

      VERY sorry you've lost a couple. I can only imagine the spectacular pain.

      My brain's on a Dylan kick these last couple days – good!