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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hard Rain

Blake Farenthold (or Blorg Fartface as I generally think of him) is starting a new, high paying gig as a lobbyist. This despite the fact that ex-House members are not legal to lobby for at least one year after leaving office. Ah but the fat, feral mound of grift found a loophole! He’ll be working for theft monkeys and crazified white supremacists down in Port Lavaca. He'll be in a distilled swamp of his own malevolent kind.

Why’d this stunning example of Republican family values, respect for law and humankind in general, resign?
His former spokeswoman Lauren Greene said in legal documents that Farenthold told another aide that Greene could “show her nipples whenever she wanted to” and that he had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her. She describes the congressman as often being drunk and flirtatious at work, complaining of a sexless marriage and telling her a story about a female lobbyist propositioning him for “a threesome.” (source)
Sounds like just the sort of boss and working environment that ALL us Vagina Americans hope for, eh? URGH!
An aside, this blotated, scruple-free, rapacious and decidedly not-ready-for-prime-time, social skill devoid griftasaurus whined about his sexless marriage. Ya know, if my old man had the sterling ethics of a Greed Demon combined with the fitness and good looks of Jabba’s homelier, dimwitted brother, I wouldn’t do him either.
Lord of Avarice – Demon God of Wealth, DC Comics
Not enough money in the world
Unsurprisingly, the man with the duckie PJ fetish was sued for harassment and lost to the tune of 84Gs. He had the taxpaying citizens of Texas pay that bill for him (they were not consulted). The folks he was elected to represent, who are NOT guilty of being drunk on the job (on Texas taxpayer's dime) or disgustingly harassing employees (and over sharing), unwittingly paid the bill for his crimes.

As a caring former public servant, he’s gonna pay them back STAT, right?

Ah, not so much.  Fartface has...
made clear that he has no intention of repaying an $84,000 taxpayer settlement stemming from a 2014 complaint by a former congressional aide alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation.
This right here is a fine example of Republican financial smarts, care and probity – it's the complete and total dearth of these necessary qualities, that is. As long as they’re paying their very personal fines and bills with OUR money they’re gonna keep partying (or golfing) like it’s 1379 and we peasants, too busy with that pesky Black Death business, aren’t even thinking about revolt.

Yet. We are all Wat Tyler and change is coming.

A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall – Dylan


  1. Fake Blarenthold is just following the example of Donald Trump, the supreme leader of the Fatgrossmisogynist clan, who never pays his bills either. Texas should sue him, but under its current government that doesn't seem likely.

    The Lord of Avarice is an incredible image. If there's a Republican God, that's exactly what it looks like.

    1. Ridgway really nailed it. Love his work.

      And yeah, Fartboy's a cip off the old fatgrossmisogynist block.