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Friday, October 12, 2018

The Saga Continues

At least it’s Friday though…right?

I went to Walgreens yesterday to A) see if they’d FINALLY filled my ‘script for two .5 mg tabs of lorazapam and B) to talk with the pharmacy manager about Sylvia’s obstinate unhelpfulness.

Things did not go swimmingly. First, I walked in and Sylvia was on duty. I told her I was their to pick up meds, gave her my name (which she never remembers) – she looked in the bins and on the computer and with the most self satisfied expression, shrugged and said there was nothing in the system for me. She KNEW damn well there should have been since she’s the one who was dealing with it.

Fine, I sez, I want to speak to the manager NOW.

Manager Delores was pleasant and listened patiently, with a concerned expression, as I laid out my story of Sylvia woe both past and present.  I stuck to the facts (just the facts, Ma'am), ixnaying my angry editorializing.

Here’s the thing, Delores told me that my .5 mg ‘script was cancelled by the doctor since I had another ‘script calling for a 1mg tab of the same med. I told her this wasn’t possible as the ‘scripts came from TWO DIFFERENT DOCTORS and I needed them for TWO DIFFERENT PROCEDURES.

Wuh happened? How did this batshittery occur? Two scenarios:
  1. Sylvia got the docs and ‘scripts all confused. She called the doc who gave me the .5 ‘script and tells her that I already have a 1mg tab on order. Sez, you gave her same ‘script twice. Busy doc rescinds 2nd ‘script.
  2. Sylvy-baby just binned my ‘script entirely, instead of calling the doc and made up some shit for the logs
I explained to Delores that I still needed the meds. In turn, she explained that she had to call the doc to get the order UNrescinded. Also too, they don’t stock .5 mg pills and couldn’t simply take a 1 mg pill and cut it in half for me. She said she’d ask the doctors to send the pharmacy the .5 mg pills. This is a big-ass pharmacy and they're unable to get the pills from, dunno...Walgreen's Central Supply?

Is this insanity OR WHAT!? For starters, we’re talking about lorazapam NOT heroin AND the call was for two very tiny, bloody pills NOT a thousand of them. I feel like I’m being treated like an out of control addict. I do NOT, by the by, pop pills like so much lovely Pez. Never have.

I’m going to attempt to reach my PCP (not one of the surgeons who’d originally prescribed) and see if she can intervene in any way.

Ya know, despite the extreme-oid hassles this fava brained pharnacy cazzo has caused me, recently and in the past, I felt bad complaining to her manager about her. I pulled my punches (slightly). Her manager didn’t defend the stronza but she also didn’t go out of her way to make the situation right.

Obvs I need to quit Walgreens pharmacy.
You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run.
~ Kenny RogersThe Gambler

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