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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Looks Like I Made It

I got through yesterday’s double whammy MRIs just fine. It certainly helped that I’d been moved to the Ellison 2 lab versus the Guaranteed Claustrophobia in a Can of the Founder’s building (where the tube is wedged inside what appears to be a tight single-wide trailer with access via a skinny dark hallway).

Now then, I made it without a single freakout DESPITE that incompetent bint at Walgreen’s pharmacy NOT filling my tiny lorazapam ‘script. Why not? Because oh, we don’t carry .5 mg tabs, only 1 and, NO, I can’t just cut the pill in half OR let you do it because I’m a lazy-ass clueless gorgon with a complete and utter lack of human feeling.

I’d been waffling about complaining to her manager but…NO MORE.  I’ll head over there later this morning. If the manager’s no better/no brighter than Sylvia, I’ll change pharmacies entirely.

How did I get through without pharma assistance? Weed, whiskey and wine. No, I wasn’t shitfaced in Tube Land but, in lieu of my doctor prescribed MRI Eve chill out pill, I had a couple stiff shots. The morning pill? That was a few deep drags . Right before sliding into Tubular Hell? I stopped at a nearby saloon and quaffed a lovely Pinot Noir with my very last lorazapam (which was to be used for my upcoming eye surgery).

It all worked but I should NOT have had to do this.

I get the test results on Tuesday when I go in to see Doc Plotkin, my very impressive neurologist. I’m not expecting bad, we-have-to-slice-up-your-skull-this-month news but, ya know, that’s always a possibility. WHAT FUN, eh?

Meanwhile, today’s a new day – gotta hit the gym and hit it HARD, buy a metric ton of cat fud and POSSIBLY avoid reading the news for just one more day (26 days until the election. Be/get informed, register/double check your registration and VOTE!).I'll continue sorting out which books I’m gonna donate or sell off and THEN spend some quality time with my kitten overlord.

Yup, busy, busy day here in Valhalla.

Mega apologies but, sheesh, this is stuck in my head now and I could use some company within this shell of horror...ya know?
Looks Like We Made It – Barry Manilow
Got any recommendations for a similary themed, less annoying musical mind worm?