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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's already kill-a-tree-for-Santa season!

Christ almighty Halloween’s barely past and Thanksgiving’s over a week away and there were already dead trees for sale, stacked up outside the grocery store.

AND, while at the gym spinning on the elliptical, the teevee was showing a zillion ads for BLACK FRIDAY DOORBUSTERS (and, for those not keen on hyped-up-crowds, there’s Cyber Monday).

The BIG everyone’s-gotta-feed-the-corporate-monster season starts ever earlier.

I saw a BLACK FRIDAY DOORBUSTER ad for mattresses. Is this the adult equivalent of finding socks and underwear beneath the dead tree? It’s something you need – how mingy can you be to dress up a necessity as special gift?

OK, OK I can see occasions where it might be cool. Fer instance, you have a friend who NEEDS a new mattress but can only afford a foam rubber back killer. You can spare the dosh for an Avocado vegan mattress WITH pillow top though. Yup, that’d be an awesome prezzie!

Also too, I’m at the age where I appreciate a warm, attractive pair of socks.

 Given the horrors of the planet killing Republi/Fascist age we’re in, seems like it’d be a great idea to start the holiday with hope by planting a tree. Yeah, buy a Frasier or Douglas or Blue Spruce (or whatevs) LIVE with a root ball and everything. Then, after the season’s over have a tree planting party.
"Evergreens can be planted just about any time that suits you, but some times are better than others. The absolute best time to plant an evergreen conifer is very early spring when the soil has thawed and the frost is out."  (source
We planted this baby (at left) on our first Valhalla xmas. It was barely four feet tall then.
Now, it’s practically two stories high! **sniff** they get big so fast.

As for gifts, as I hector yearly, buy local and from independent businesses NOT chain stores. Buy handmade too! There are potters, weavers, woodworkers, jewelers and glassblowers and photographers ( everywhere – not just here in New England!

I’ve spoken of my anti-acquisitiveness already – ya know what makes a brill gift ESPECIALLY for us tiny-home (or close to it) dwellers? Gift certificates to beloved or always-wanted-to-try restaurants.

Another idea – donate to a great cause in your friend or family member’s name. IF you like the person (and agree with the non-profits‘ mission) give to their fave cause. IF this is your Trump voting, racist, woman hating Uncle Al, give to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood or the American Indian College Fund.  

Are ya strapped for cash (and who isn’t aside from Betsy DeVos and the rest of Prez Shit-for-Brain’s’ criminal cabinet) – offer to clean your loved one’s house or cook a meal or run an errand or three.

Gifts – they don’t need to cost money.

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