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Friday, January 24, 2020

Cabin Fever

At the same time that I've been a weak-ass kitten, I've had some vicious cabin fever.

Yesterday, Ten and I drove down to the pot shop in Fall River. Afterward we stopped at Sparkle Boys' for lunch where I used the bog ALL BY MYSELF! YES, this is a big fucking deal and it exhausted die Scheiße clean outta me.

Today I've two different therapists (AKA Taskmasters – very nice BUT STILL!) coming in. One is a speech therapist (who I don't believe I need any longer) and the other is a regular old PT. After, Ten and I will make a run up to the Thomas Crane Library to pick up a coupla books I sent off for pre-surgery.
Today, by the by, I'm precisely two weeks past my big surgery day and it's one week since I came home after my oh-so-thrilling 2AM ambulance ride in and overnight 1/2 stay. I'm happy to say that I was out cold for much of that fun little experience. Less scary that way...ya know?!

I've also begun working again. That's something I can do whilst parked in my big beautiful comfy chair so I'm not rilly taxed (though I do have to concentrate to a greater extent AND not put anything further on my plate – baby steps and shit).


  1. Your progress is astonishing! I love your written affirmations. You Go Girl!

  2. High Fives to your pit crew and all they do to keep your engine revving! Vroom, Vroom!