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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Summer Breeze

Now, I may’ve mentioned already – it’s been hotter than Hades here the last few days. Honestly! Temps have actually gotten into the goddamned 80s!

Yes, to my chums in Arizona and Texas, I KNOW that this is small beer compared to what you’re experiencing right now. What can I say? I’m a weenie.

A prime example of my weeniness:

Thursday night I hauled the AC unit out of the bedroom closet. I store it on an old piece of rug so’s all I have to do is pull and push it along to the window. The window it sits in is low to the floor so I only have to lift this totes necessary motherfucker six inches off the ground. Easy peasy, right?


Swear ta Bast, the unit’s gained weight since last year – a LOT of poundage! I could barely heave it up that wee distance but I did. Mega determined, was I. There was no damn way I was gonna go through another hot, steamy, sleep banjaxed night.

 Granted, my install was FAR from pretty – the AC sat at a rakish angle and there were 1,000 gaps which I plugged with rags – but it worked. Jen came over after work, scolded me for not letting her do all the heavy lifting and fixed it up pretty for me.

Of course I feel like a pathetic weakling for not being able to do this completely and smoothly for myself BUT, ya know I WAS able to half-ass it so that’s something…right? Plus, I get bonus points for giving Jen a good laugh at my amusingly pathetic kludge.

The next day, my back was murdering me something fierce.
Note to self: let Jen take the AC outta the window in September and stow it back in the closet. Next May? Ten will be here and can put the damn thing in the window. I HAVE learned my lesson.
Staying in bed with Tylenol, Coco and a heating pad was NOT in the cards. I had to hit MGH for 1,001 blood tests. Warum? Mostly, this was more post brain surgery bullshit. The nurse and phlebotomists were all total needle wizards. For all the poking I endured, I’m only a tiny bit black and blue today. ALSO, my wonk-ass bod is FINALLY producing its own cortisol. After six damn months, I can quit taking the damn steroids. Yea me! Maybe now I’ll be able to, more easily, drop some weight.

After the appointment, we decided that what we needed most was a dish of soft serve. Yes, ice cream season is upon us (which WILL challenge my weight loss efforts but pffft, such is life). Dairy Freeze has opened. I know, I know….I hear you bemoaning my atrociously pedestrian choice of frozen treat. Just so’s ya know, I DO love the much more posh gelato, FoMu, Ben and Jerry’s and Steve’s BUT nothing celebrates summer to me more than a dish of butterscotch dipped vanilla soft serve from Dairy Freeze.

Today, I believe I’ll do nothing but doodle, paint, read and stay OFF the goddamn news sites. I need a break from the dimwitted spewings of Prez Racist Cockroach Turd and his cretinous crew.

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

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