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Sunday, October 18, 2020


Yes, I’m well aware that this jack o lantern is a bit early BUT isn’t he attractive and scary? Jen and her awesome nephew, Patrick, created this last weekend.

I have the attention span of a crack addicted hummingbird lately...that and a slight cold. (like I don’t have enough on me damn plate!) I’d worry more that I've got Plague45 but I don’t go near anyone but Jen, Oni and Ten and they’re VERY careful (masks and distancing).  

Also too, over the past few days I MAY have overdone it with the walking, painting, PT ex-ing and the elliptical. Me overdo?! Yeah, I can see your eyes rolling from here. I just SO want to be farther down Recovery Road. Three steps forward and one and a half back

//whine, snivel, sigh//

All I did yesterday was read in bed with Nurse Coco and doom-scroll. OK, not completely true – I also had “tea” with Jen and Oni. We’re on the second ep of the MOST awesome show Crazyhead (the wacky and flat out hilarious demon series) and the third installment of the new Star Trek franchise, Picard.

Picard's blond, snub nosed, too-young-to-be-a-doctor-let-alone-a-specialist, shipmate (who I kvetched about earlier) is growing on me. She’s ditched the wide eyed, mom-just-popped-me-outta-the-oven, ultra innocent facial expressions, the cutesy pastel outfits and has taken on a bored-with-it-all and gee-space-is-dull ‘tude. MUCH better. 

In Annoying Crap Healthville, while the cornea of my absurdly sensitive left eye has healed, I’m still subject to frequent episodes of irritated red sclera – the, normally, white part of the eye. Yes, I’m vampire horror show material. Just fucking lovely and bothersome to say the least. Also I now need prescription reading glasses. Luckily, I can get these on line. Here are the two I’ve ordered.

Question – does anyone have landline phones anymore? Sure, businesses do but individuals? Families?

And how do people buy and listen to music now? I remember reading something about a resurgence of vinyl. What about CDs? Is there some new crazy tech? If I had hearing would I be like Agent K in Men In Black, bitching that I need to buy the White Album again? Yeah, I expect so.

At 8AM, Jen, Ten, Oni and I will head over to the high school gym for early voting. We’d originally planned on going yesterday morning but, we expected long, slow lines and it was raining (as you know, I melt even in a light drizzle). Today, maybe everyone will be in church. Do regular Christian types – versus those 45 voting imbecilic, evangelical, hypocrite fucks – still go to church. Given that Plague45 is booming here in Massachusetts (584 new cases and 21 fresh deaths yesterday alone) are the devout yet sensible staying home? Doing Zoom services maybe? In any case, I plan to double mask, wear goggles and gloves.

Hi, my name is Donna, I’m 62 and wholly embracing the eccentric,  grumpy old cat lady persona.


  1. It's never too early for Halloween! And this year we all need some distraction.

    I have a landline phone. The cell phone doesn't work reliably indoors, and in any case the only reason I even have a cell phone is in case my car breaks down, so I usually keep it turned off to conserve the battery.

    I’m 62 and wholly embracing the eccentric, grumpy old cat lady persona.

    Just tuned 60 -- need to start researching what the male equivalent is.

    1. I rarely used my cell until I got an iPhone. The fucker's addictive. I think eccentric, grumpy old men attract dogs versus cats. I could be wrong though. TAB attracted felines (and stray humans) and Ten has yet to scare off our herd of strays (not like he's giving that any effort :-)

  2. I had a landline in Paradise until the whole town burned down almost two years ago. Cell phones don’t work with no electricity—power companies shut down systems to avoid downed lines in windy conditions, while landlines reliably work for emergencies. In the event, I (and many others) did not receive a phone alert as the fire moved so fast that it overwhelmed dispatch centers. Eight hours from ignition to complete wipeout.

    Many if not all friends and neighbors depended on landlines as well, which made finding one another difficult; we typically used landlines and few exchanged cell phone numbers if we even had them. I read the missing people lists posted at shelters every day for the three weeks that I slept in my car. My ancient flip phone did not have internet access—I had a Red Cross volunteer put that number on the “well and safe” list but it never showed up there. Friends in New Mexico searched social media thinking I died until I bought a smart phone and tablet and reconnected with the outer world.

    1. Wow, wow, WOW! That's so scary and I'm SO glad you made it through such hell!