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Monday, October 1, 2012

Phallological Downer

This poor bastard's tiny bishop was, likely, in there too.
The Iceland Phallological Museum that is. Being a downer...a bummer even. This was, frankly, surprising to me. ME, the woman who painted 6 Dicks: A Sextet and Endurance/Resilience! How could the joint possibly disappoint?

It's like the start of a joke: Two vegetarians walk into a penis museum...

The place is filled with humongous whale johnsons. They had Minke, Sperm (yeah I know. DUH, of course they did!) Killer (insert your own witticism here, please) as well as myriad other poor amputated schwanzstuckers. There were giraffe thundersticks, hamster willies and someone's sea monster, so small it was displayed under a magnifying glass.

Yeah, yeah sure -- there was some fun stuff too. A large-ish pen and ink drawing of a field of peni. All I could think, given all the other separated ankle spankers, was that the image was from pre-harvest. Gross, yes I know.

There were a few of the usual toys and Spencer's Gifts type geegaws on display -- wind up plastic flasher man, phone in the shape of a willy, giant icelandic wool knit whale todger cap. By and large the place had all the charm, beauty and humor of a biology lab crossed with a frat boy's idea of a taxidermy shop.

So...em...yeah, Jen and I were all grossed out. 

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