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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heinously Humdrum?

Seen while wandering the streets of Reykjavik
I feel as though I must be obscenely dull. All I ever seem to want to do is go look at art but, hey, I like art! Art's fun!

Fishmobile at the Cambridge Sculpture Race
Street fairs are fabulous even when it rains. Performance art thrills me to bits. Giant, building covering murals make me all giddy, happy, joy-joy. They fill me awe and envy—I want to paint giant murals!

Given that I, as yet, don’t have a gig painting humongous, panoramic compos, I’m making do with painting the inside of our wee cottage. It’s a work in progress BUT I’m getting close to finishing the koi pond which extends from our second floor hallway, down the stairs to the first floor landing. I finished the fishies and then started adding lily pads. In the bathroom, and on the loo door, are Seuss fish. The kitchen will be all flower doodles. At left is the big one on the door down to the basement. I think, apart from painting the frame (spring green?) it’s complete. Mebbe.

Craft, graphic, fine and photographic art—all fascinating, Even the shit that doesn’t knock me flat has interesting qualities worth considering (as in What the fuck was this person thinking?! or Christ, this is so boring they musta been dead when they painted it! Ya know, I deliberate deeply and provide a well thought out, academic even, reviews. //snort//).

Wanna put my motor into overdrive? Suggest that we spend the day wandering some new museum that I’ve not yet been to, followed by a zip through a few fresh, hot galleries. Oh yeah baby, I’m SO VERY down for that action!

See, there’s grand variety in my art appreciation. Honest!

OK, I also like triking, sci fI novels and flicks. Beaches too but the camera’s out most of the time because, goddammit, I WILL capture the way the light appears when a wave curls over, just before it crashes into foam and froth. That luminous hue is like magic. I wanna live inside the curl.

I'm not dull, I'm focused. Yeah, that's the ticket!

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