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Friday, January 27, 2017

A MUCH more deranged and far less charming Fitzcarroldo

Hair Hitler announced that his wall WILL be built despite Mexico quite empathetically responding to his claims that they’ll pay for it with a resounding THBPBPTHPT! Who’s gonna pay for his Fitzcarroldo on steroids and meth vision now?

Bozo the barbarous, birdbrained prez has also announced a hiring and spending freeze (just FYI, hiring freezes have always proved not only highly ineffective in controlling federal employment but also mondo hurtful to us citizens. A wicked painful, hurtful lot).

So, how’s he gonna get his wall now? I only mention it BUT, you can’t freeze hiring and, at the same time, build a GIGANTIC sop to your dimwitted vanity and rampant prejudice. Ya know, you actually need people to do the work. It doesn't happen by magic you sadly inadequate, mentally ill prick.
Mr. Trump directed federal agencies to use existing funds as a start to the wall and formally called for the hiring of an additional 5,000 Border Patrol agents and 10,000 immigration officers. (source)
Existing funds? According to Fortune the wall could cost $25 BILLION. That’s 25 followed by NINE fat zeros! I could be wrong BUT I don’t believe we’ve got that amount sitting around buffing its nails in the national piggy bank.
The wall is one expensive piece of construction, running perhaps as much as 29 percent (based on a low ball estimate of 13.9 billion buckos) of what the nation spends in one year on national highways. (source)
Hey, we don’t need our highways repaired. What’s a few bent suspensions, blown tires and devastating car wrecks when Dear Leader’s astoundingly dimwitted ego needs a stroke or 25,000,000,000?

The Flaming Orange Id wants us'n Americans to foot the bill for his epic egotism since Mexico proved resistant to his windy braggadocio,
The White House on Thursday said President Donald Trump is considering a 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for a southern border wall, but that the President is still weighing other options.
Do you already think that avocados, tequila and Toyotas (amongst other imports) are too expensive? Guess what? If Darth Cheeto gets his way, they’re about to become wholly unaffordable.

Texas alone:
imported $84 billion from Mexico in 2015. With a 20 percent tariff, Texas businesses and consumers would have paid an extra $16.8 billion for the same goods and services. (source)
Also too, and I only mention it but, historically speaking, WALLS DON’T WORK! People fleeing barbaric, repressive, authoritarian regimes WILL find a way. Determined folk go over, under and around, don'cha know.

Friend and author Kevin Tudish notes:
“So, let's see: U.S. taxpayers will pony up the initial money for the wall. And then U.S. taxpayers will pay higher prices for goods coming in from Mexico. As usual with the Trump administration, U.S. citizens get screwed twice in the deal. Or am I missing something?”
Nope, not missing a single damned thing.

Christ almighty, I need a serious palate cleanser or two. Luckily Valhalla obliged.


  1. A MUCH more deranged and far less charming Fitzcarroldo

    In other words, an Aguirre.

  2. Wait...who is fleeing where?...."barbaric, repressive, authoritarian regimes WILL find a way" is that the USA or Mexico?