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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday Surgery Report!

This is the third Donna neurosurgery update I've written in just over one year! I'm sure you would all agree that our brave, kick-ASS, amazing, FEROCIOUS hero needs a serious break, one that lasts for at LEAST the next twelve centuries!  SHEESH!

Surgery went very well! Dr. Barker reported they were able to remove most if not all of the rat bastard tumor!! YAY!! Not his EXACT words, but close ;-)

The tumor was smaller than the last one but in a more difficult position.  Surgery lasted about eleven hours... if I was a nail biter, my nails would be shredded to their nibs (nail nibs: it's a thing! Look for them in the candy aisle next to the jelly beans!).

He said that post surgery Donna's left side will be weaker than it was presurgery, but that strength will come back over the coming days and weeks.  We weren't sure if that meant her entire left side or just her leg.  Well, I'm happy to report that Donna's left arm/hand was not effected by the surgery!  She can't move her leg, but as noted above, they expect this will be a temporary condition.

In the ICU last night, Donna's customary post surgery drink request to her nurse was shockingly, not a hot toddy OR a Sapphire martini; nope...she wanted straight-up, not shaken, not stirred WATER.  Sandy the sweet nurse said water wasn't allowed so soon after surgery, but Donna was persistent, and Sandy was an outside the box thinker.  She snuck Donna a glass of water and helped her one slow sip at a time. It was like watching a parched flower re-hydrate before our very eyes.  Donna was refreshed and glowing by the time that glass was drained :-)

I have no doubt at all, that she will again, stand tall before our very eyes... very VERY soon.

Donna wanted me to make sure to blog this morning that she's "NOT DEAD YET... MAYBE NOT EVAH! YOU HEAR THAT??!!".

Yes!  We hear you loud and clear, our FIERCE, WARRIOR BROAD!! :-)


  1. It's really good news TB. My wife went through the same thing (meningioma extraction) about 13 years ago and then 3 years ago. Recovery was tough on both occasions, but Cindy T managed to recover. Our women are much tougher than we sometimes give them credit. Wish her well for me...

  2. Thank you Jimmy! Some days I feel frozen in my recovery other days I see a smidge of progress. Me and patience aren't on speaking terms YET,