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Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Big Day

That’s tomorrow mes amis. Jen will drive us in at five-ish in the AM. I’m due at six for prep work. Barker comes on stage at eight and has the OR booked for me, him and a half dozen or so residents for the next nine plus hours. Yeah, we’re doing stadium seating and the popcorn and beer vendors will be working the crowd.

I threatened to roll in scream-singing Humble Pie’s I Don’t Need No Doctor. He smilingly replied “I’m not a doctor. I’m a surgeon.” Note to self: though he laughed, it may not have been smart to roll my eyes and say “same/same Dude.” I allowed that I’d go with the Stones Start Me Up then.

He noted that I’d likely be asleep already and wouldn’t be able to make a grand entrance. OK, I can work with that too. My johnny is sequined, RIGHT?!

In any case, Saint Jen will post a How’d-That-Brain-Slice-up-Shit-Go on Saturday, most likely. Me, I expect to be doing a LOT of Zs between now and Monday. Anything and almost everything can happen in those 8-10+ surgical hours. I’m kind of hoping but not anticipating that I’ll come out with big fat angel wings, a smaller (yet still nicely rounded) caboose and pipes rivaling Grace Slick’s.

I don’t want much...right!?

Also too, if you’ve not watched WandaVision yet, do it, do it, DO IT! We watched the final ep last night and it was brill (NO spoilers here)! The show’s not perfect but, get past the first two meh eps and it’s wickedly, pull-you-in engaging.

OK then. Look for Jen’s weekend update and I’ll, likely, be back in a week.

Cheers all!