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Friday, May 14, 2021

Follow Up

I haven't worn a bra since the start of the pandemic and all the quarantining. That's over a year, right? I put one on yesterday for my eight week post op meeting with Barker (and CT scan to check up on that nasty blood clot). Guess what? My pits hurt like hell this morning!

I can't blame the bra entirely. Part of the prob is due to the ultra sound dude from my 18 hour ER visit. He was doing a piss poor job getting me back in my wheelchair, I started to fall and he did fuck all to help me NOT crash to the ground UNTIL the last minute. He grabbed me under my arms and set me in the chair. Yeah, I get it – dude's a weight lifter, he's got strength and loads of muscles. That and ZERO delicacy. 

So then, wearing the old bra really exacerbated my near fall injury. JOY. Luckily, I don't have to go out again for another week or so. I can duck the damn thing until I heal up AGAIN.

 How'd my follow up go? My blood clot's no smaller yet but neither is it any larger. Reduction takes time.*sigh* As for walking, I will probably always need the damn brace and/or the walker but I'll walk. Not fast, not gracefully but walking will happen.

I got the all clear to ride my recumbent elliptical again (but BE CAREFUL) and have otherwise been encouraged to exercise – to build strength in my wonk ass left leg. OK OK.

Recovery's still gonna be slow but I seem to be making a bit of progress.


  1. Patience, grasshopper, you're making more progress than you give yourself credit for.

  2. High 5 to Ten Bears and a ((hug)) for Donna!