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Sunday, May 9, 2021

MGH Land

Found myself back in the land of docs and nurses on Friday night. Ya see, the toes of my left foot felt frozen. Given that it was my wonk-ass, weak left leg we called the doctor hot line.

Turns out they can’t make complicated diagnoses over the phone and I’m, apparently, just chock full of complications. Yep, we had to call in the EMTs who though I seemed fine BUT felt having a doc examine me might be call. GREAT. Off to MGH we ambulanced.

18 hours later (yes, you read that right, EIGHTEEN) I was diagnosed with a blood clot and filled with scary scenarios. This could go to your heart and KILL you, etc. They wanted to keep me for a few more nights – watch me, run more tests. Luckily, the ER docs consulted with the big guys – my surgeon, Fred Barker and MGH,s head blood guy, Andrew Dicks (yes, his real name). They both said Nah, just change her meds and send her home.


Dr. Barker also said Tell Donna I just used the mug she made me. It’s a little funny to be buds with the dude who crawls around in your brain, saving your life and shit.

Meanwhile, the ambulance crew who brought me home couldn’t get me up the skinny set of stairs from first to second floor. S’ok though. I actually managed to climb the two steps (and three more at the top) and ride the WAY fun chair lift in between, to the bedroom.

Also too, the female EMT was built like Wonder Woman but with extra muscles. She was breathtaking AND incredibly kind too.

Christ, it’s good to wake up in my own bed.

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