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Monday, May 10, 2021

Pet peeve of the day

OK, not a pet peeve but a thing-that-pisses-me-off.

Please do NOT share your religion with me unless/until I invite you to. Odds are, if you’re born again/evangelical or most any other flavor of christian, that’ll never ever happen. Not in my lifetime or yours. An exception? The Unitarian Universalists – they seem pretty cool. Otherwise, nope. I can’t think of any others I wanna hear about.

Also, don’t invite me to join your ShoutyFace group that’s ostensibly non religious when I can CLEARLY see that most members are christianists AKA evangelicals. I ain’t no idiot, no dimwitted flounder waiting to be hauled in to Jesus’s Big Catch of the Day. I’m 62 goddamned years old – give me, at the very motherfucking least, some kind of fried crawdad credit for being able to think and sort out my damned beliefs over these past long-ass decades. K?

Religions I’m open to hearing more about IF I ask you and IF you’re not proselytizing? From an academic point of view, sure,  you can tell me more about what it means to be:

  • Muslim
  • Jewish
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Satanist
  • Confucianist
  • nontheist Quaker
  • Jainismt

Dunno, what else ya got?

Just don’t get all in my face about Cheesus!


  1. Now that they've all turned away from God and worship the False Prophet, I am reviewing all I learned years ago about the end times, because they appear to be upon us. End of what remains to be seen but soon enough Cheesus is not going to float down out of the sky on a floating rainbow unicorn with thousands of "helpers on floating rainbow unicorns to carry them all away to paradise.

    Far the more likely thousands upon thousands of cavernous spacecraft, vast slaughter-houses piloted by ravenous vaguely reptilian creatures, replete with horns and folked tail, intent not as benevolent overseers of the demise of this world and our current iteration in human evolution and our children’s evolution onto the next iteration of humanity but as ravenous reptilian creatures… you know, hungry lizards.

    We did, afterall, invite them to “Come Eat!”